Friday, 2 September 2011

So long...Farewell...

After close to 2 years, I have sadly packed my bag. Ok, i lie. I have packed many a bag. Ok, look- i could be really lying... My boyfriend has packed my many a box and all my suitcases and we are now living out of ONE suitcase and travelling through Europe, on our way back home to oz.

Very excited to be heading back to the sun and surf and to my friends and family! Also, cant wait to get my freelance going and start working hard to build my career in my favourite city in the world.

But until then, I am testing out as many other cities as possbile! And at this present time we are in Florence, Italy! Um.. so firstly- WOW. Secondly, all this travelling means my blogging will slow down a wee bit for the next month or so, until Im back into the swing of things. Dont worry though- Ill be popping on to share some photos, any makeup and styling experiences I have etc.

Oh, that reminds me- now that Im out of the Uk, I headed straight for a Sephora shop. Makeup Up Forever- You complete me! Check out the HD Makeup my friends...wowzers.

Now, cant be on here for long.. I onyl snuck on to book a car to drive around Tuscany tomorrow..woops!

Ciao! x

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