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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Cindy Sherman

Lifes a funny thing. We spend most, if not all of our lives trying to be something more or something different to what we are. Skinnier, happier, hipper, richer.. I could go for days. In this we, ourselves act as illusionists, actors. In doing this we escape the real us, the people who can bore us, disgust us or shame us. Or on the other flip of the coin, someone who we dream to be. Someone who represents the true inner us, the person who when we face the world- faces it with much more confidence.

Through clothing, beauty and learning we can alter this ego to slowly change the core person to something more. Something that can sometimes represent the true inner us, or.. in many situations- disguise us.

Working as a makeup artist I see this in every client I work with, there is something they want to change, hide or conceal. This saddens me... I always say to clients when they tell me how their clear, pore free skin is hideous- that their own self perception is so far from the truth.

And thats how I want to change the world. In my small way.. as geeky or as dorky as it sounds I want to show everyone that I touch that in small ways, they can minipulate or enhance their own beauty to make them feel empowered and beautiful.

Through work I have discovered Cindy Sherman. A woman who, through her art, through manipulation and enhancement- can change the world. And wow, my how she has. Her ability to address political issues, portray her opinion on female supression and so much else has made her one of the most established and well know artists in the world.

The real Cindy Sherman

This year her photograph, for which she is the model, makeup artist, hairdresser and photographer, Untitled # 96 sold at Christies for a world record price (the the highest price ever paid for a photograph) for A$3.89 million.

In her work, Sherman is both revealed and hidden, named and nameless. She explained to the New York Times in 1990, "I feel I'm anonymous in my work. When I look at the pictures, I never see myself; they aren't self-portraits. Sometimes I disappear."

Her artist abilities stretch far and wide- and through her heavy requirement and use of prosethics, she has inspired me to develop a solid need to learn more in this art.


Friday, 22 July 2011

Whoops.. should explain!

Apologies, I believe in my excitement to be back on the ol' blog, I forgot to mention why I havent done so for the past few weeks!

After the past few months being so full on with work, both with MAC and in freelance; with moving flats and just generally with everything, I was so excited to finally get away with my boy and have some time absorbing Eastern Europe and having a blast in Serbia at the Exit music festival!

We joined Bens mate Rich and set off for Budapest, Hungary; Novi Sad, Serbia; Montenegro (my fav) and then onto Croatia! Had the best time and between all night up dancing to some incredible live music acts such as Portishead, Arcade Fire and Deadmau5, I got a few much needed hours in the crystal turquoise water and in the sun.




                                                          Train from Hungary to Serbia

                                                                  Portishead @ Exit!

                                                        Rafting in Northern Montenegro

                                                           Roger Sanchez in Kotor


                                                       Island hopping around Korcula



Paris Haute Couture


Wow, wow, wow...

Come on.. this is what I live and breathe for. Shows dedicated to the artistic and avante garde side of fashion and beauty; these shows run the more "out there" micro trends.

Dior came out of the gates running with plenty of embellished, adorned and textured looks, all accompanied by the most flawless skin. There was alot on the plate and almost a little too scatty, but hell- the makeup was incredible!

AH! This is kinda amazing.. very Gareth Pugh inspired, the colour choices are beautiful and liner is really edgy.


Sexy, smokey and definately falling into the Natural skin, smokey eye trend. Love the use of lace as a headpiece. Given me a few ideas.. ;)


Whats not to love? Soft corally oranges, technically brilliant with the contrasting shading and brilliant hair.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Finally arrived! Autumn Winter 2011-12 Makeup Trends!

Its so easy to get tired and bored of a trend and given that I work in an industry in which trends dominate- you're always craving the new and exciting ones to hit the streets.

The whole "trends" is a funny thing.. I kind of love them but kinda loathe them at the same time. I respect and admire the guideline inspiration it brings to my everyday work life and also the right understanding for what the public wants, but I hate the idea of conforming to an expectation.

Working at MAC is fun for a dominant reason that you are constantly surrounded by other artists who follow their own styles and looks. So, when surrounded by all that love- we tend to create our own looks, likes and loves between us.

And with time.. I want to share these funny lil trends us guys on the counter love so much! But for this particular post I really want to share with you some of the key trends coming through from the fashion world for A/W 11-12!

Let's check up the new makeup trends for the Fall 2011/ Winter 2012 season and try to find your own inspirarion.

Natural Look.

A trend that never goes out of fashion. Fast & easy. Keep to matte or shiney skin, neutral shades, rosy cheeks and natural lip tone.

Where: Balmain, Stella McCartney, Versace, Valentino, Alexander Wang.


Dark natural eyebrow.
Natural shaped and dark eybrow, which frame the face can and will make your makeup complete.
Where: Oscar De la Renta, Alexander Wang, Lanvin. 

Warm autumn makeup.
Try to use brown and orange eyeshadows and forget about tanned skin.
Where: Chloe, Prada, Versace.

Natural look + lined eyes.
Clean, strong and simple. This look has dominated for so long and its not going anywhere!
Where: Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana.


Smokey olive makeup.
Without any accent on the lips, the eyes are defined in an olive palette.
Where: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Chanel.

Red and purple lips.

The general rule is to wear either heavy eye makeup or bold lips, so I prefer deep red or mystical purple on our lips. 
Where: Miu Miu, Gucci, Yves Sain Laurent.