Friday, 22 July 2011

Whoops.. should explain!

Apologies, I believe in my excitement to be back on the ol' blog, I forgot to mention why I havent done so for the past few weeks!

After the past few months being so full on with work, both with MAC and in freelance; with moving flats and just generally with everything, I was so excited to finally get away with my boy and have some time absorbing Eastern Europe and having a blast in Serbia at the Exit music festival!

We joined Bens mate Rich and set off for Budapest, Hungary; Novi Sad, Serbia; Montenegro (my fav) and then onto Croatia! Had the best time and between all night up dancing to some incredible live music acts such as Portishead, Arcade Fire and Deadmau5, I got a few much needed hours in the crystal turquoise water and in the sun.




                                                          Train from Hungary to Serbia

                                                                  Portishead @ Exit!

                                                        Rafting in Northern Montenegro

                                                           Roger Sanchez in Kotor


                                                       Island hopping around Korcula



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