Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Australian women love many things. A glass of wine at the end of a long working week, summer breezes on a hot day and amoungst many other naughty pleasures, the one that often gives the most is lipsticks... Boy do they love lipsticks! And so often women mention to me the difficulty in knowing which colours suit them. So Im going to help a little!

Im going to be using MAC lipsticks as my examples.. Why? Because they have the biggest range, theyre well priced and they have something for everybody!

Lets start with chatting about textures first.. Textures are what decides how WOW you want to go with your lippy. Its all about the coverage of pigment on the lips that what gives it that bolder finish. If you want that softer wash of colour on the lip- then something with a higher shine or gloss. This will mute a colour down. If you go for a matte, the colour pigment will be at its fullest and so will give a "heavier" affect.

Though in saying that, something with higher shine wont last as long as a matte.. but a matte will dry out the lip faster than a lustre. There are also in between finishes, which to a degree can give you a bit of love from both finishes..

If you want to wear a bold lip but don't want to dive straight in, go for a lustre.. a soft sheer wash of colour with a slight sheen.. a good way to feel confident without feeling as though everyone is looking at you!

Ok so now to some colour! Im going to break the colours down in different posts and first up....


First question I ask is: what kind of red do you want? A sexy red? A pop of red? Or a natural soft red?

Sexy Reds

Russian Red

A beautifully rich blue based red which is really sexy on the fairer ladies but goes brighter as the wearers colouring gets darker!


For the Olive toned ladies who may or may not also have auburn/red hair and for the older ladies not wanting anything to crazy. An orange based creamy matte! I love wearing this colour also when I want to wear a day time red but nothing too out there..


A deeper brown based matte red.. uber sexy! Oh, and apart of the Viva Glam range so 100% of the proceeds go towards MAC's HIV/AIDS fund.. yay!


Pops of Red

Ruby Woo

This retro matte is so popular amoungst women across the world- is has its own texture! A retro matte essentially is a matte but has an extra kick in the matte department. What is its strength is also its weakness. People love it for its ability to stay on and last and others complain that it can be drying, Regardless, this lipstick is cool and works with everyone! This bright, blue based red is great for those coffee drinkers wanting a brighter smile or for anyone looking for a fun lippy. And if its fun youre after... you need go no further.

Lady Danger

Ok, ok.. calm down! Yes this is the lipstick that EVERYONE is talking about. The colour that has a waiting list at MAC and the colour I get asked about all the time.

This colour is an orange based red, very bright and has a lovely creamy texture. Works on everyone, so if you have the confidence to wear a lippy that has some kick... live dangerously and wear this one..

Natural Reds

Lady Bug

Ok, i totally get it- you want the look but not the punch. You want the wow, but not the wowzers. A red that is quite natural is hard to come by so Lady Bug is a great soft, sheer orange based red that is easy to wear and not too full on.

A great one for those wanting to start out slow or for those wanting some colour for day wear but nothing too crazy! With its lustre texture this lippy is also great at keeping the lip hydrated and shiny!

So, I hope you this has helped you on your quest to finding your perfect red. A lipstick is like a pair of shoes, once you find a pair that fit perfectly and show off all your assets.. youll never take them off!


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Some shots from the 2012/13 bridal season...

Well, I can honestly say that now, after my first bridal season back in oz is now coming to a close.. I was shocked that I was booked out for 8 months solid!!

Was amazing, fun, eye-opening and definately tiring!! haha

Here are a couple of shots from some of the stunning brides I had the immense pleasure to work with..

Already booking out fast for this coming season, so am super excited for more beautiful brides xx


Alot of my clients ask me what are the standard products that I love and use everytime I apply makeup..

MACs Prep & Prime Highlighters are, in no word of a lie.. THE SHIZZ.

There are a few uses for these pens. For the peeps that dont have huge issues with undereye darkness, you can use these purely, as I do, as a concealer. These are alot more light weight so using this product wont empahisise wrinkles!

As we all know..( ok you might not know, but my points is- you need to know! ) you should never put foundation around your eyes.. its far too heavy a product to apply on the delicate skin around your eye. So using this product in foundations place will do all the right things!

For those that do have underyeye darkness, theres a big rule that you must be aware of! And that is.. ALWAYS USE A WARM, PINK OR PEACH BASED COLOUR CORRECTOR UNDER THE EYE. This will, very importantly, colour correct the violet tones to prevent it looking ashy or green.
If you do find, after using concealer that you eye area looks ashy/grey or green, then its too light and not correcting it!

Now, for my favourite use for these pens is to create a glam contour to the face. Below are some varying degrees of highlighting with the pens.. Kim Kardashian is an extreme example (but awesome ;) ).. The picture below is an explanation by renowned makeup artist Scott Barnes on exactly where to highlight and contour.

Below are some variations on the different levels of highlighting and contouring.. from more natural to more dramatic:




Monday, 4 March 2013

Almost a full year and I'M BACK!

My gosh, well firstly- sorry! Its been far too long and I have had far too many people nagging me to return to this baby, so Im letting go of all the guilt for not nurturing my babes and Ill be seeing you a hella lot more!!
I was so in love with updating this blog with all my likes, loves & adventures but upon my arrival home to Oz things got a bit cray cray!! So, as I write this I am winding up my first bridal season since being back home and I have been booked solid for the past 8 months and am so happy (and just a tad tired).
Ive been floored by how much fun Ive had with some amazing brides & lovely people- so I would love to share my knowledge.. my inspo..all the fun I have with MAC & all the good little bits in between!
So this is just a "Hey, wazzup. Im back!" post. Cant wait to post some really awesome stuff!
Hilary xx