Sunday, 27 November 2011

Life warranty...

Whats the most annoying complaint you have about wearing makeup? Well given that I talk to hundreds of women a week and see first hand their issues..I think I may have it! The biggest complaint I get is how makeup wears. Issues so common as patchiness, breakthrough redness and makeup looking obvious on the skin are every womans problem.

The reasons for this are numerous but mostly because people are putting their makeup straight on top of moisturised skin. When you do this they become intermixed.. thus preventing the mosituriser to really penetrate into the skin and also, breaking down the foundation so it doesnt stick.

Makeup artists dont recommend primers as a gimmick. They do it because there is no reason why we would go to all the effort of making you look and feel beautiful, if its only going to wear off or not give you the effect you want. For most clients I work with, they require their makeup to last. If its due to the longevity of the event- a wedding (from early morning start to the end of the reception), a red carpet event, a long day shooting.. I could go on.. ;)

I have used so many primers, some I have hated, some I have liked but after so many recommendations from other artists I have been using Laura Mercier's Hydrating Primer for a fair while now. And it is amazing!

Having been really busy since coming back to Oz- with its hot, sticky climate, this has been a blessing. So again, remember to put emphasis on the preparation of your skin, rather than all of it on what your covering it with.


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