Monday, 28 November 2011


Sometimes you can find it in your eyes, in a movie, on public transport, in your childhood home, in the outdoors.. love is everywhere. And whilst it inspires you, motivates you and blinds it genuine..real...relatable?

I have had the privledge of coming home to the weddings of two close friends- both from very different parts of my life; two very different people but both with the strongest link it made me so very emotional... L.O.V.E

The past two weekends were such amazing weddings for a few reasons.. One, I got to be apart of them- doing the makeup for both bridal parties and both results making me so proud of my job ( pictures to follow on the amazing looking girls and how stunning their dresses/hair and makeup looked); two, the communities of friends and family I was able to be surrounded with for both friends and three, most importantly- the raw, uncompromised, natural love that both Amy & James and Ailie & Dave had for each other.

Its such a rare thing to find people who are true to themselves and their love for their partner. To be around them, to see first hand that at the end of the day for their amazing weddings- every single guest walked away filled with the love that they had for each other. All guests had moments of being choked up, eyes filled with tears and the lump in their throats.

I have been to many a wedding and worked with many a bride, but knowing these two girls so well and being able to spend their days leading up to the big day with them was overwhelming. I walked away inspired by how easy love can be. For the mutual trust, respect and protection they had for the other... it was like nothing I had seen before. Dont get me wrong.. I have an amazing boyfriend, an amazing relationship and everyday I feel blessed to have him in my life. But every relationship is different and I believe there is alot to be learned by others.

And it brings me to the thought that has been sitting with me since these two very uniquely individual weddings...

You can strip your life of money, expectations, drama, work, others hatred and insincerity.. you can strip it bare and all you have left is you. You and your community. To be surrounded by those that love you, understand you, protect you, want the best for you, would give the world to you and who need you. That is all you need.

Every day I work towards living a life free of judgement, burden and negativity.

I think it was put perfectly by an amazing wordsmith and lovely friend (and fellow blogger) Jem Thomas aka

'Real men dont love the most beautiful girl in the world, they love the girl who will make their world the most beautiful'.

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