Sunday, 23 October 2011

Edward Scissorhands- Ice Dance

Up there in my favourites of all of Tim Burton's movies.. its not just the colourful, generic Amercian 1970's neighbourhood or the sorrow and sadness you feel for Edward or even the amazing acting of one of my all time fav's Dianne Wiest but for me, the movie is encapsulated through the music- scored by the incredible Danny Elfman.

The Ice Dance does it for me, but give me an of the tracks and it takes me away to a different world.

The makeup is also incredible... Ve Neill, who Keyed the makeup for this film
did such an amazing job evoking emotion from Depp's face to convey emotion.
She has since worked extensively with Depp in many of his films. She is known for
her amazing work using prosthetics.

Well, its rainy here in Melbourne today... so as I listen to the rain falling outside, this soundtrack
will accompany it perfectly.


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