Sunday, 22 January 2012


In a world of beauty products, piled high from counter to counter, no decision is easy. And I relate the task of hunting for a new foundation like going jeans shopping- post a 4kg gain... head spinningly confusing and nothing seems to fit.

But lucky me, I have had to learn  what are the questions you should ask, but more importantly what questions the ARTIST should ask. Here are some below...

1. What type of skin have you got? (dry, oily, dry-normal, oily-normal, dry-oily tzone)
2. How would you like the foundation to look? (dewy, matte or inbetween)
3. What kind of coverage are you after? (full, medium, sheer)
4. What are you currently using and what do you want to change about how it acts?

These questions will mean when you come to the decision of what foundation to choose, you know you have chosen one that fits you. Too many times do I see clients coming in confidently saying "My friend uses Studio Fix Fluid and she looks amazing. I want it!" Well, Im sorry to burst the bubble in which you had hoped that upon application, you too shall look like your model-looking, perfect skinned girlfriend.. but it doesnt work that way!

You may have completely different skin to your friend and so what looks good on her- not so much on you, unfortunately! She may answer the above questions very differently remember.

But! The purpose of this post was to RAVE about one particular foundation, which could solve your confused state of mind and knock out all the above questions... leading you to ask only this-
 "What shade of MAC's Face & Body foundation am I?"

Face & Body is the staple foundation in my kit. I use it on all skins, for all different effects, all different events and for all different ages. It doesnt complain (go cakey or make pores more visible), it's buildable, looks AMAZING on everyone and can give you a dewy effect or with a sweep of powder post application- can be turned matte.

So, next time you march forth to find your new saving grace, the product that hides your Monday-itis or covers your stressed out chin (you know the ones girls- hormonal pimples..ugh.) makes sure you set your sights for a MAC PRO store and beeline towards Face and Body. You'll love me, but maybe your hot friend wont. Now that she'll be wanting the skin your in.


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