Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Recent work of mine..

Did a shoot shortly before I left London and here are a few images from it...

Monday, 28 November 2011


Sometimes you can find it in your eyes, in a movie, on public transport, in your childhood home, in the outdoors.. love is everywhere. And whilst it inspires you, motivates you and blinds you..is it genuine..real...relatable?

I have had the privledge of coming home to the weddings of two close friends- both from very different parts of my life; two very different people but both with the strongest link it made me so very emotional... L.O.V.E

The past two weekends were such amazing weddings for a few reasons.. One, I got to be apart of them- doing the makeup for both bridal parties and both results making me so proud of my job ( pictures to follow on the amazing looking girls and how stunning their dresses/hair and makeup looked); two, the communities of friends and family I was able to be surrounded with for both friends and three, most importantly- the raw, uncompromised, natural love that both Amy & James and Ailie & Dave had for each other.

Its such a rare thing to find people who are true to themselves and their love for their partner. To be around them, to see first hand that at the end of the day for their amazing weddings- every single guest walked away filled with the love that they had for each other. All guests had moments of being choked up, eyes filled with tears and the lump in their throats.

I have been to many a wedding and worked with many a bride, but knowing these two girls so well and being able to spend their days leading up to the big day with them was overwhelming. I walked away inspired by how easy love can be. For the mutual trust, respect and protection they had for the other... it was like nothing I had seen before. Dont get me wrong.. I have an amazing boyfriend, an amazing relationship and everyday I feel blessed to have him in my life. But every relationship is different and I believe there is alot to be learned by others.

And it brings me to the thought that has been sitting with me since these two very uniquely individual weddings...

You can strip your life of money, expectations, drama, work, others hatred and insincerity.. you can strip it bare and all you have left is you. You and your community. To be surrounded by those that love you, understand you, protect you, want the best for you, would give the world to you and who need you. That is all you need.

Every day I work towards living a life free of judgement, burden and negativity.

I think it was put perfectly by an amazing wordsmith and lovely friend (and fellow blogger) Jem Thomas aka http://www.notaromanticmixedtape.blogspot.com/

'Real men dont love the most beautiful girl in the world, they love the girl who will make their world the most beautiful'.

Miami 2 Ibiza ♕

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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Life warranty...

Whats the most annoying complaint you have about wearing makeup? Well given that I talk to hundreds of women a week and see first hand their issues..I think I may have it! The biggest complaint I get is how makeup wears. Issues so common as patchiness, breakthrough redness and makeup looking obvious on the skin are every womans problem.

The reasons for this are numerous but mostly because people are putting their makeup straight on top of moisturised skin. When you do this they become intermixed.. thus preventing the mosituriser to really penetrate into the skin and also, breaking down the foundation so it doesnt stick.

Makeup artists dont recommend primers as a gimmick. They do it because there is no reason why we would go to all the effort of making you look and feel beautiful, if its only going to wear off or not give you the effect you want. For most clients I work with, they require their makeup to last. If its due to the longevity of the event- a wedding (from early morning start to the end of the reception), a red carpet event, a long day shooting.. I could go on.. ;)

I have used so many primers, some I have hated, some I have liked but after so many recommendations from other artists I have been using Laura Mercier's Hydrating Primer for a fair while now. And it is amazing!

Having been really busy since coming back to Oz- with its hot, sticky climate, this has been a blessing. So again, remember to put emphasis on the preparation of your skin, rather than all of it on what your covering it with.



Since coming home to Australia, and being somewhat out of the music scene, Im so happy to have thrown myself back into it heavily. Australians make me proud, for their passion for independent/non maintsream music. They love an unsigned artist who challenges music, rather than produces music for the masses.

Gotye has been around for years, an artist which was dicsovered by these music loving aussies... but since my return hes gone big! This tune featuring Kimbra is lovely.

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Yay! Though GAGA has been the most successful MAC Viva Glam ambassador ever..even releasing not one lippy but two..Its time to add a little more excitement to the Fund! Mac released during the week the visual for the new campaign- showing Nicki Minaj and Ricki Martin scoring the important gig!

Last year, MAC and Nicki Minaj did a soft release of a limited edition pink lipstick called Pink Friday to coincide with the release of her album 'Pink Friday'.. and to say it flew out the doors is a total understatement. So I think MAC used that opportunity to test the waters on the popularity and thats why its my guess that they are releasing it. But they are releasing two pink shades, not one.. so exciting! Out in Feb and I love the idea that a lipstick bought can help people affected with Aids/HIV so much. So far the campaign has raised A$224 million. And hats off to David Lachapelle on an amazing visual..keeping in tone with the MAC vibe.

Pink is my favourite colour: Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin do their bit for charity, promoting Mac's Viva Glam lipsticks

Inspiring makeup from other obsessed selves..

I love you Zach

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Sunday, 13 November 2011

i want. i want. i want.

The Row backpacks

The Row backpack.

Shirtdress (this one by Reiss)

Stella Mccartney 2011 Cat Eyed sunnies

Crochet Clothing... so pretty for summer!

Pamela Love gold cuff.. on the lookout to accompany my awesome dress this coming weekend ;)


Saturday, 12 November 2011

Balmain, Helena, Balenciaga, Naomi, Eva..Just another Duran Duran video..

The song... well, lost in amoungst the fabulousness and not all that amazing.
The video however... crazy good.


With so much going on these days in the world of beauty and makeup I think we can all get a bit confused and also lose sight of the basics..

We tend to love to put so many products on our face in the way of foundations, powders, lipsticks etc.. but what are we doing to restore the health of our skin? Do you cleanse and moisturise often?
I see it time and time again with so many clients. They want the whole kit and kaboodle with their makeup, but when I ask them what their current skin routine is, they cringe with a shrug.

There is absolutley no point going to all the effort of applying makeup on your skin to cover impefections, if you arent looking after managing those imperfections in a sustainable way. If your skin is dry, dont assume that, thats the way it is.. Or if your skin is oily.. that it will always have to be like that.

If your skin is dry, it may be that your dehydrated.. so ensure that you are drinking your 3lts a day. It sounds droney.. but I was having skin issues back in London and when I asked another artist, whos skin was to die for, what her secrets were- she swore on drinking the 3lts. And when I did, my skin improved dramatically.

At the end of the day, its only through your understanding and analysis of your skin that you will discover how your skin reacts to certain routines, products and handling. And its the 'handling' aspect that I wanted to chat about in todays wee post!

Ive spoken to several Senior Artists with MAC, annoyingly sucking them of as much information as they could give! And each one identified the importance of skin preparation before applying makeup. And its so true... when I apply makeup I love to use my hands to moisturise clean skin, working the cream into the surface..with the heat of my hands warming the skin. Applying pressure into the corners of the eyes and temples, increases blood circulation and so when its time to apply your foundation, the makeup should work itself easily onto the skin.. giving a flawless finish which glows.

For those with oily skins, you can still do this, just use oil controllers. ie. Gel cleansers, light moisturisers with silica in them (silica absorbs excess oils).

So, for beautifully flawless makeup, thats sits smoothly and creamily into the skin.. without looking heavy, flakey or patchy on the skin.. definately take the time to give your skin health some attention and enjoy the massage at the same time ;)



Thursday, 10 November 2011

Take me away...

My tram rides to and from work are just so lovely with this tune on repeat.
Totally have Ferris Bueller art gallery moments with it playing beautifully in my ears...

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Ive been talking about this wonderful lady non stop and playing her even more, since
discovering her a few weeks back.

Lana's real name is Lizzie Grant, and to say shes a bit odd, could be a good start.
Her interview persona definately needs work and the huge change in her as a person and an artist is evidently clear upon viewing her older work. Live on Jools Holland recently, her performance was extremely nervous and disappointing..

Normally I totally wouldnt be so harsh, but when I watched both of her recent videos 'Video Games' above and my other fav 'Blue Jeans' I was blown away. The singing is haunting and soulful.. sexy and housewifey. The video themselves are endearing and inspiring, love the hair and minimilistic 50s makeup and portrait shots of Lana.

I guess I will enjoy what i have currently and eagerly await her upcoming album.


Monday, 7 November 2011

ORANGE revisited!

Ok, so as predicted a year or so ago... Orange lips have been beyond huge these past few months.
Particularly in Australia, where the women like their makeup sheer, but their statement clear. Ha! That totally rhymed.

So, I wanted to extend on my previous Orange post, to push it further and to take it from just the statement orange lip and the pop of orange on the lid.. And I want to show you the vaired array of colour that allow you to wear this seasons hottest colour, regardless of how you want to wear it.

For those who love the nude lip, but get sick of the usual pink tones of a nude (ie.Myth).. then
Shy Girl has to be your new fav. I reach for this colour again and again and again for women that want to balance their smokey eye or block out their pink lips.

 Shy Girl

Also, another nude colour that I always like to wear, which is not as light as Shy Girl.. is Peachstock. Found only in MAC Pro Stores, this colour is so easy to wear and works with everything.


For a little bit more colour, brighter, but not too hard to wear- Ravishing one lipstick that i tend to give as presents to everytone. Why? Because everytone loves it! Easy to wear to work, out for drinks, wherever!


For more of a summer or brighter hit.. which you still can wear for a day event or for more for a pop of colour at night- this colour is definately for those wanting a bright lip, but may not want to do a standard orange Vegas Volt is incredible!

And of course, Morange is always the go to colour for those wanting the standard bright orange..

But.... go for other options Neon Orange from the Pro Store is just a wee bight brighter and then there is the Pro Longwear lip cream 'So Good' which will hold for a much longer time, but not dry your lip out or cause feathering like some others.

I want to also emphasise how amazing apricots are to use throughout your makeup looks. Seen alot through recent S/S12 shows.. soft blushes, washes of eyeshadows and apricots pressed into the lips, look amazing on so many skintones.

Jeremy Scott S/S12. Makeup by Val Garland

Preen S/S12. Makeup Val Garland


November 2011 Update!

Hello guys!

Well, I hope you have missed my blogging as much as i have! Its been far too long between posting and for that, im sorry! Have finally got a trusty steed in which to ride me into the blogging sunset.. for now.. and whilst this bad boy isnt mine, Im going to make it work hard for my love! There has been so much good stuff going on in the world of makeup/fashion/music/art in the past 2 months since I had my computer last and I was in London!

What has been my most interesting change in my view of fashion and beauty has been the change in hemisphere... and given that so much of the trends are based/formed in the Northern hemisphere, when I moved to oz I am now living A/W 11-12 trends in Australia's S/S 11. So how to adapt.. for all the fashionistas here, simply follow S/S12 trends.. so ultimately.. if us aussies are really really onto trends- we can be a whole season ahead of the rest of the world, rather than one behind.

So! Trends.. The bright pops of colour are still lingering strongly in Australia, with so many of my clients here excitedly asking for a bright lip. Can I be honest- Im so bored!! This bright lip may be a big step forward for a normally natural and makeup shy aussie girl, but coming from London where my Arabic, Asian and African clients demand so much more from their makeup.. I cant help but feel a little uninspired.

There are a few though that do understand how to adapt a simple look and turn it into one that makes them stand out, for the right reasons from the rest of the pack! Rather than go for a bright lip colour, change it slightly.. make it super glossy... or ultra matte; wear dark purple/plummy colours

For the slightly shy: MACs Rebel

For those wanting a sexier step up: MAC's Violetta (Pro Store only), Diva or the new christmas 'Glitter and Ice' 2012 lipstick What Joy!

The above picture is also a perfect example at how texture can change the look of your makeup. With the above left being a matte lipstick (Diva) and the above right, a glossy colour (HangUp or a matte with gloss on top)

And for the more hardcore, who love to push makeup boundaries: Mac's Cyber, Film Noir or my fav.. Nightmoth Lip pencil all over the lip.

Photo: Temptalia

Lip above is done by lining the lip with Nightmoth lipliner (my fav!), filling in with blacktrack and then hitting highlight areas (cupids bow and centre of lip) with pink Bronze pigment. Lara Brewster, you genius..

Other trends are the bright orange lip (please read post, that will follow this..), heavily contoured creaselines and disconnected liners. I have been loving the disconnected liners for a while now, and have been estatic to see some amazing high profile covers using such a strong look. The best Ive ever seen though, was actually by a fellow artists and amazing illustrator Lara Brewster. Below is a random creative half an hour she spent with fellow MAc artist Mel. The talent of her work in rediculous.. if you're in London, do look her up!

I also have attached a strong black lip above, she did on me a few days before I left MAC in London for good.. shes such an inspiration for me. Miss her to bits!!

 Gaga, always the face for the most awesome makeup...always ahead of her time, has been wearing such makeup for some time now. Below are some examples of heavily contoured creaselines that look amazing on just about everyone..



To do it, simply choose a matte nude colour eg MAC's Brule, Blanc Type etc, apply over the top of a prepared lid (paintpot first!!), then using the #217 blending brush, apply a strong flat matte brown/black into the crease. Making sure you blend it perfectly, to assure a flawless finish!!

I could go for years, happy to be back!