Monday, 7 November 2011

November 2011 Update!

Hello guys!

Well, I hope you have missed my blogging as much as i have! Its been far too long between posting and for that, im sorry! Have finally got a trusty steed in which to ride me into the blogging sunset.. for now.. and whilst this bad boy isnt mine, Im going to make it work hard for my love! There has been so much good stuff going on in the world of makeup/fashion/music/art in the past 2 months since I had my computer last and I was in London!

What has been my most interesting change in my view of fashion and beauty has been the change in hemisphere... and given that so much of the trends are based/formed in the Northern hemisphere, when I moved to oz I am now living A/W 11-12 trends in Australia's S/S 11. So how to adapt.. for all the fashionistas here, simply follow S/S12 trends.. so ultimately.. if us aussies are really really onto trends- we can be a whole season ahead of the rest of the world, rather than one behind.

So! Trends.. The bright pops of colour are still lingering strongly in Australia, with so many of my clients here excitedly asking for a bright lip. Can I be honest- Im so bored!! This bright lip may be a big step forward for a normally natural and makeup shy aussie girl, but coming from London where my Arabic, Asian and African clients demand so much more from their makeup.. I cant help but feel a little uninspired.

There are a few though that do understand how to adapt a simple look and turn it into one that makes them stand out, for the right reasons from the rest of the pack! Rather than go for a bright lip colour, change it slightly.. make it super glossy... or ultra matte; wear dark purple/plummy colours

For the slightly shy: MACs Rebel

For those wanting a sexier step up: MAC's Violetta (Pro Store only), Diva or the new christmas 'Glitter and Ice' 2012 lipstick What Joy!

The above picture is also a perfect example at how texture can change the look of your makeup. With the above left being a matte lipstick (Diva) and the above right, a glossy colour (HangUp or a matte with gloss on top)

And for the more hardcore, who love to push makeup boundaries: Mac's Cyber, Film Noir or my fav.. Nightmoth Lip pencil all over the lip.

Photo: Temptalia

Lip above is done by lining the lip with Nightmoth lipliner (my fav!), filling in with blacktrack and then hitting highlight areas (cupids bow and centre of lip) with pink Bronze pigment. Lara Brewster, you genius..

Other trends are the bright orange lip (please read post, that will follow this..), heavily contoured creaselines and disconnected liners. I have been loving the disconnected liners for a while now, and have been estatic to see some amazing high profile covers using such a strong look. The best Ive ever seen though, was actually by a fellow artists and amazing illustrator Lara Brewster. Below is a random creative half an hour she spent with fellow MAc artist Mel. The talent of her work in rediculous.. if you're in London, do look her up!

I also have attached a strong black lip above, she did on me a few days before I left MAC in London for good.. shes such an inspiration for me. Miss her to bits!!

 Gaga, always the face for the most awesome makeup...always ahead of her time, has been wearing such makeup for some time now. Below are some examples of heavily contoured creaselines that look amazing on just about everyone..



To do it, simply choose a matte nude colour eg MAC's Brule, Blanc Type etc, apply over the top of a prepared lid (paintpot first!!), then using the #217 blending brush, apply a strong flat matte brown/black into the crease. Making sure you blend it perfectly, to assure a flawless finish!!

I could go for years, happy to be back!


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