Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Ive been talking about this wonderful lady non stop and playing her even more, since
discovering her a few weeks back.

Lana's real name is Lizzie Grant, and to say shes a bit odd, could be a good start.
Her interview persona definately needs work and the huge change in her as a person and an artist is evidently clear upon viewing her older work. Live on Jools Holland recently, her performance was extremely nervous and disappointing..

Normally I totally wouldnt be so harsh, but when I watched both of her recent videos 'Video Games' above and my other fav 'Blue Jeans' I was blown away. The singing is haunting and soulful.. sexy and housewifey. The video themselves are endearing and inspiring, love the hair and minimilistic 50s makeup and portrait shots of Lana.

I guess I will enjoy what i have currently and eagerly await her upcoming album.


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