Sunday, 23 October 2011

Coral Sea Love

It doesnt take much to love Angus Stone and then throw in the beauty and individuality of Isabel
Lucas... Under different circumstances I wouldnt think highly of her ;) as shes stolen my "get out clause" man. But given she has done such amazing charity work across the world in support of her love for the protection of animals and nature.. it makes it so very hard!

This beautiful couple have in recent months become the spokespeople for 'Coral Sea Love'.. a petition to encourage all to get the government to increase the percentage of our ocean that is under protection.. at the moment its a teeney 1%, and given the rate of our fishing and polluting- it needs to be a much bigger percentage, to stop the fast rate in which our plant life and species are dying.

Jump on to to sign up. One little signature and a bit of support, supports the world in which we live.


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