Sunday, 16 October 2011

Morrocan Hair Oil


I like to dye my hair. So what? But in this overly expensive addiction I have destroyed my hair. What should be down to my ankles, my hair is always restricted to shoulders blade length due to pressure from my hairdresser to chop of the dead bits. Gggrrrr!!!

But when I arrived at her salon, falling at her feet with my hair in tatters (whilst travelling, it did not leave the safety of its bun, hiding from most certain critism).. she set to work her magic. But towards the end, when we arrived at the all important "whats the best shampoo/conditoner system for me?" chat.. she excitedly popped the Morroccan Oil in my hands.

Running 4 pumps of the amber liquid through my damp hair and then another 1 pump post blowdry (to add a glossy effect).. the difference was amazing! I most certainly did buy it (ssshh dont tell my boyfriend).. and have loved it every wash since.

A really worthy investment for dry, dull hair.. I was even given the tip that for when I want to re-buy it- strawberrynet have it for sale online for a whole lot cheaper. IM SOLD!


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