Thursday, 4 November 2010

Artist Tip!

Ok, so like I mentioned in my first blog, the reason I wanted to start this page was due to the lack of information I failed to find when I was getting into my makeup all on one site. Also, I hated that I could never find any tips from other artists, about what they like, products they used etc, unless it was on a companys website. I love them, but I wanted to hear the real deal. What they really use and why..

So I've asked a few of my fellow Mac Dolls to collaborate with me once a week to give you guys an insight into their fav products, some of their tips and tricks and some key looks that tickle their fancy..

So this week, Ive asked Gemma W, an artist who I work with for any tips she has for y'all...

The lovely Gem said her top 5 MAC products were:

1. #217 brush
2. Smolder Eye khol
3. #44 Lashes
4. Strobe Cream
5. Lip Primer

On my constant quest to drag as much info out of the other artists daily, a question I always shoot at them is.. If you forgot your brush kit to a job and could only have 1 brush to do the entire look, what would it be.. Most have said the #217. And too right. Its amazing!!

So! Back onto the lovely Gem and her tips and tricks!

I asked her what her fav foundation was and she said she loves Studio Fix Fluid. She loves to mix it with her Strobe Cream to give the skin a glowing look- though the foundation mattifies* it. Thus making the skin look healthy, but removing shine and creating a flawless finish that lasts all day!

Sometimes when we use a mattifying foundation on clients, it can look quite flat. Gems trick to add the strobe cream either under as a moisturiser, or mix it with the foundation will still enable the Studio Fix to mattify; but it wont dry the skin out or make it look one dimensional..

Hope you enjoyed Gem's tips.. Thanks sweetheart x

*mattifying means to remove shine, highlight or gloss. Great for skin thats oily or throws off shine as skin wears throughout the day.

Another artist tip next week!

Love xx

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