Sunday, 1 May 2011

A Right Royal Riot

With a 'Once in a lifetime' event happening 1km from my front door step- I had to get as close to the action as possible! Well, ok..maybe not out the front of the Abbey..but at Hyde Park where all the real action was happening! With a 120,000+ crowd, 600,000+ Union Jack flags and uncountable Kate and Wills face masks I enjoyed it all with a cider in hand on a nice patch of grass.

The grass wasnt so nice after all the cider had been consumed and the Pimms ordered, but the crowd was amazingly happy and festive.

Proud as punch to have been there to experience such an event! And I wasnt far off in the predictions on Kates dress too! The lace was superb, the makeup applied by The Duchess of Cambridge herself (thats what the public were told..but us MUAs arent convinced..) and the day a success.

Heres to a long and prosperous reign! X

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