Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Alot of my clients ask me what are the standard products that I love and use everytime I apply makeup..

MACs Prep & Prime Highlighters are, in no word of a lie.. THE SHIZZ.

There are a few uses for these pens. For the peeps that dont have huge issues with undereye darkness, you can use these purely, as I do, as a concealer. These are alot more light weight so using this product wont empahisise wrinkles!

As we all know..( ok you might not know, but my points is- you need to know! ) you should never put foundation around your eyes.. its far too heavy a product to apply on the delicate skin around your eye. So using this product in foundations place will do all the right things!

For those that do have underyeye darkness, theres a big rule that you must be aware of! And that is.. ALWAYS USE A WARM, PINK OR PEACH BASED COLOUR CORRECTOR UNDER THE EYE. This will, very importantly, colour correct the violet tones to prevent it looking ashy or green.
If you do find, after using concealer that you eye area looks ashy/grey or green, then its too light and not correcting it!

Now, for my favourite use for these pens is to create a glam contour to the face. Below are some varying degrees of highlighting with the pens.. Kim Kardashian is an extreme example (but awesome ;) ).. The picture below is an explanation by renowned makeup artist Scott Barnes on exactly where to highlight and contour.

Below are some variations on the different levels of highlighting and contouring.. from more natural to more dramatic:




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