Monday, 20 June 2011

Good Move

Camden Market: a shrine for goths, punks - and lots of tourists

Having now lived in North, South and Central West London, Ben and I have decided to spice up our lives and have moved to Camden.

Like most cities, London has little demographic niches all over the city. I loved East Dulwich for its village-y feel and how close it was to the arty areas inhabited by all the art students of the Art college; North London was very residential, but quaint and had a boutique feel and St Johns Wood was amazing for its clean, safe and beautifully treelined streets. But all of the above lacked the few things Ive craved since coming, culture.and an amazing vibe.

Though, ideally I would of loved to have lived in east London it just was a tad too far for work for both of us and was quite expensive.. so camden was naturally the next spot! Ignoring the streeets teeming with spanish tourists, step away from the main drag you will find such amazing pockets of local oomph. A surprise around every corner...

I am very much looking forward to the summer and the adventures to be had, here on my doorstep.


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