Saturday, 17 September 2011

You have me.

This travel thing has me, i tells ya. I dont want to leave. But I do. I want to move onto the next amazing discovery.

Im a gypsy, havnt I told you? Since I was little, I have never lived in the one spot for longer than 2 years. I have moved so much, its past 50 and i lost count ages ago. Its in my blood... if i stay anywhere for too long i feel if my life has become stagnant like water in a puddle and i have nowhere to go..and nothing to do.


So you can only imagine, since leaving our little corner of Camden, London all those weeks ago, how much I have loved this little trip. Its not just the people watching, the consumption of worldly delights or the ability to stop and stare; just cos I can and cos we have nowhere to be.. its the smells, the comparisons and the feeling you get when you know you have never been in that spot, and most likely will never be again.

But there are paths, we have discovered over the past few weeks which we want to walk along again.. Italy has definately captured my heart; the traditions, the love, the history and the passion it has for itself and its people.


The South of France was interesting.. after falling head over heels for the northern countryside and Paris, I was shocked to realise I didnt care for the Souths uninspiring landscapes, its pretentiousness and those who fancied knocking me over with their stunning Celine bag.

Since arriving only yesterday in Madrid, I see the excitement and the electricity. I can smell the chorizo and sangria and I can hear the music and the young kids laughing. Here for the next few days, we are then off to lay our heads on the Southern Spain beaches of Marbella for a week.. to let the world stop. And then we are off again for one last week and then we shall discover soon enough.. we will be back on Australian soils and very excited for the summer ahead with friends and family!


Italian women have this weird obsession with wearing shorts, dresses and shirts with calf high boots. no tights. Sometimes it looks ok, but mostly.. just odd.

The best people you meet are the ones who you fear or are wary of. They are the characters, they have the stories.

Australian backpackers rule this earth. I kid you not- if i see one more sheila or bloke I will throw my hands in the air and walk away! Not offence, but Im not here to see you!

I love books. I cant even tell you the pain I go through with reading. Its my obsession and one that infuriates me. No reason except I read so god damn fast I finish a book the size of beyonces toosh in 2 days. I have read two of the most amazing novels in the past week.. up there with my favs of all time! Shantaram by Gregory Roberts had me up til all hours in Venice. Ben could of killed me! But a novel that had me weeping like a little girl on the train from Nice to Marsielle was Just Kids by Patti Smith. I havnt read anything so beautiful is such a long time. This woman knows the written word. She filled my eyes and heart with her beautiful memoir and it has changed me forever.

Oh and yes, you cant keep me away from makeup forever.. i jumped into mac today to see the MAC Me Over collection.. ah how amazing are the tranformations!! the older caucasion lady had me! Beautiful! I loved the matte Winey plum lipstick and this beautiful lip coloured pink gloss.. I shall have to visit MAC at the Heathrow terminal for one last UK purchase methinks ;)

Well dears, I leave you to go to rest my weary head. I would be going out tonight.. as it is a saturday here in madrid, but alas a japanese monkey called yoshi, a stranger who intrigued me beyond words, kept me up last night in the hostel.

That story, another time.

Bless x

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