Monday, 27 September 2010

New adventures..

A year ago things flipped for me. Though at the time they wernt all positive; like at all other times in my life- if something negative happens, i must find the positive. And I did. I made the bold decision to leave my career in animal health in Melbourne, Australia;  my amazing boyfriend of 3 years (he'll join me soon- i hope!), my dog, my friends and family and an amazing home and off I flew to London.

I came to London with one dream. To make a successful career as a makeup artist. And since I have arrived that dream is on its way to become a reality. Now working fulltime for one of the industries most recognised, successful and leading brands; I am one step closer!

I have developed this blog as a creative outlet for me to post my experiences in and about London. Whether it be about makeup trends, new and favourite products, art, music, fashion and anything else I stumble upon- I am hoping that what I post will inspire others to create and explore.

I hope you will visit again and enjoy!

Hilary x

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