Thursday, 14 October 2010

Its all about the RED lip....

" Couture. Seductive. Rockabilly Chic. Gothic. Lady. Red has so many personalities." -Terry Barber.

Always a classic and its been reworked! Red lips have been seen in the past few seasons.. but be warned- they arent going anywhere! Whether you want a light stained lip, a soft glossy lip, a bright bold lip, or a dark seductive one; there is a red for you!


Ruby Woo - The crazy, bright red; with an extreme matte finish. Those who dare, win. Dita Von Teese's fav. *use with Redd Lip Liner

Lady Bug- for those who are new to bold lips, and want to dip their toe before they dive in.. a soft, sheen finish. *use with Cherry Lip Liner (very lightly..)

M.A.C Red- If you want a red- thats a true red and has a lovely creamy texture?? This lipstick needs to be in everyones makeup bag. Im falling madly in love... * use with Cherry Lip liner

Russian Red- My go to. Lovely deep blue red and really sexy on brunettes!! Great texture, not glossy but not too matte. And the lipstick Gwen Stefani wont be seen dead without, no less. *use with Brick Lip Liner

Lady Danger- I cant talk about this colour enough.. A beautiful fun orange red, seen extensively on catwalks and on the fashion scene. Suits all skin and hair types. *only available at Mac Pro Store locations. *use with Redd Lip Liner

So after choosing the colour you love, remember! There is no point wearing a bold lip without insuring it will last and look strong. It is a look in itself dont forget.. So prime with Prep and Prime Lip, to ensure it will stay, condition and fill in those little lines around the lip line to prevent bleeding AND most importantly line, line, line. Lip Liner is what gives the lip shape!

And if red still isnt working for you, and you want to go for an even edgier look.. i will be posting about gothier, darker lips as soon as I can.

Love xx

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