Sunday, 21 November 2010

Basic Brush kit

I know before I really got into my makeup I didnt really get why there was a massive need for
makeup brushes. With each face I create I understand the importance of having the right tools.
Clients always ask what are the most basic amount of brushes that are needed to carry off a look.

No, Im sorry people, those revolting excuses of a face brush you have been using for 3years, for which in that time you have not even thought to wash or replace- just wont cut the cheese!!

Im gonna lay it down straight and easy for you.

1. Buy quality brushes. Yes, they may be expensive, but they wont drop hairs all over your face, nor will they go to hell on you within two uses. Why buy a cheap brush, when you normally have to replace them after a year? Buy a quality brush, look after it and its yours for life!

2. Wash the things!! Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck yuck is all I can say for the vast majority of you. Let me guess- you have never washed your brush/es? Well, imagine each time you use your brush, you are transferring oils, pollutants, germs and dead skin from face to brush. And then each time you use it again, your just moving all those nasties all over your face.

Its SO important that at least once a month you get your brushes, wet them with warm water and lather them up thoroughly! Either with shampoo or dish washing liquid (I use antibacterial fairy liquid..), rinse thoroughly, smooth out the hairs and leave to dry on a flat surface.
Give MAC's Brush Cleaner is brilliant to use in between washes. Particularly for your foundation brush, which will tend to clump and cause the application is be streaky.

3. Use them the way the Makeup Gods intended! Dont press the whole brush down on your face, causing the hairs to splay out and dont think the way to best use them is to press hard.
You should be only putting the product down on the very tips and pressing/sweeping/patting/buffing the hairs on the skin in a way that allows the brushes to do the work. When you sweep a brush on your face, remember that theres a high chance that your just flicking the product out the other end and not putting it where it should go! Press it, pat it, lightly sweep but dont waste!

Ok! So to the magically numbers.. There are a number of makeup houses that produce amazing brushes (Smashbox, Armani, Bobbi Brown) but I work with MAC brushes all day, everyday and know that they have any and every brush you need. And the quality is undeniable.

So...Im not going to recommend a brush if i dont genuinely think you need it. Yes, they will give a better finish, yes its more hygienic and yes it allows you to do more. Dont misinterpret me and think I dont like using my fingers- for certain applications, they work wonders! But the below brushes are crucial!


Genius!! Puts down enough product to do the job, but doesnt require lots to give you good coverage. Really lovely airbrushed look for both foundations and powders (liquids, creams and powders). Bring the very tips of the white fibres down on the product at an angle similar to the pic. Buff product onto the skin!


Great powder brush! Big enough to put it on down, but not too big that it doesnt allow you to get in and around the nose etc. And yes! as the pic suggests, you can use it as a blush brush (if youre on a massive budget..)


Great blush brush, with fluffy natural fibres. Gets right under the cheeks, to sculpt them out as well as for the apples of the cheeks!


As previously raved about- LOVE IT!! Great alrounder for the eyes.. Use the flat of the brush to put down heaps, or angle the tip to get a really precise app in the socket. Also- can it be known, yes other artists would recommend an actual concealer brush but uhuh not me. This puppy is wonderful at putting down a lovely amount without caking on the product.


Im so obsessed with Fluidline gel liner for the eyes, this brush does it so well. great for those starting out as it has great control. Also a good brush to apply colour onto the brows..

So there you have it kids!

Yes there are others i highly recommend but Ill give them to you in drips and drabs. These are the brushes you should have- essential in fact!


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