Sunday, 28 November 2010

Dear Santa, instead of the usual lump fo coal....

Can I PPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEE have one very amazing and required Shu Uemura Atelier Makeup Case!!?!!??!!!
ATELIER MAKE-UP BOX - makeup cases
If my sexy, hairy, santa of 3 1/2 years who will soon be joining me in London- incredibly enough only a week before christmas- is a good boy..he'll brings me one in his sack!!
( please dont feel free to insert dirty joke here...)

This case is widely used by many a professional makeup artist. Why? No not cause its a steal at 350 quid.. eek! But because of its insulation (really protects makeup from heat etc) and storage system. A 6 tiered tray case, with really really handy pencil and smaller item storage.

Please Santa!!!!!!! Hope I've been a good girl....


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