Tuesday, 2 November 2010

My first English winter..

Unprepared, as usual, Im becoming frightened. I have yet to experience an English winter and by all advice- I should be very very scared. Already, as Autumn ends its getting dark by 5pm and rarely the sun is out for longer than an hour or two. Nievely Australian, I walk outside to the shops in flip flops and a top with a flimsy scarf  to sheild me from what I believe, is a chilly air. I then step outside...WHAM!

Oh dear lord...

I am now beginning to get it. These crazy kids over here dont wear Ugg boots to work for no reason. Its cold god dammit. So happy am I to know that Uggs can be replaced in the workplace by a far more fashionable weather protectors. Lamb Shearling in a fashionable adaptation. Whether it comes in the form of an aviator jacket or shearling lined boots.. the availability of warmer clothes and shoes are finally in stores.

Not that I could afford any of the collection, but Burberry's inspires me daily. And thank god High St stores have caught on and have a plethora of Burberry inspired pieces. So, though I should have purchased these items months ago, off I trundle to get me hooked up.

Post Script: I heart Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. So much.


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