Sunday, 23 January 2011

MAC Artist Tip!

Sorry guys its been a while since I last posted a MAC artist tip..
But Ive come back with some goodies from the lovely Sacha Jade, a sweet and talented artist that I work with!


Sacha's background is in a solid freelancing career, and has also worked for Chanel on their Pro Makeup Team. Lucky for us, she has been with MAC for a while now and even giving the team the pleasure recently to understand a few of her top tips..

Her favourite products to use personally and professionally are:

1.Chanel Bronze Universal. Using it religiously for most clients, she loves the warm winter glow it gives in a nutty brown colour- so avoiding any orange tones. Great for fair skins!

2. MAC Moisture Cover Concealer. A really hydrating concealer to use on skins that are dry and when the under eye area can be papery and line/wrinkle ridden.

3. MAC Paintpots. As Ive mentioned before, this product is a universal MAC artist fav, being used under every eye look we create, to give amazing pigment payoff, removal of lid oil and to prevent creasing.

4. Laura Mercier Primer. great for all skin types Sach believes this is the primer going around! A must have for her with any application.

5. MAC Mineralised Compact. For a warm winter glow, that keeps the skin hydrated and protected (SPF 15), this compact is easy and convienient.

And now for Sachs Artist tip.....

Around counter Sacha is known for her ability to look amazing, and what brings her look together is her undereye concealer. The under eye is a common issue clients have, and so many at the moment are trying to mimic Kim Kardashian's look with a much lighter, contoured undereye look- created by her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic.

Sacha's been ever so kind in giving us her top tips to perfect the undereye concealer on any look to brighten the eye up!

1. Invest in a good eye cream. Clarins is one she rates.. I personally LOVE the Creme de la Mer eye serum, but can be pricey. Just make sure its one of good quality and will help reduce puffiness, dark cirles and help reduce/prevent wrinkles and dryness.

2. Bobbi Brown Correctors. A product that Sach swears by and uses on every look she does with her freelance, the correctors help remove any blue, violet or dark tones under the eye. Place the corrector in a triangle from the corner of the eye to the other corner and down to nostril. Creating a triangle affect.

3. MAC Moisture Cover/Prolong Wear Concealer. After applying the colour corrector, with a good concealer brush with light, controlled strokes apply the concealer. When choosing the right shade, you can choose to remain the same shade as the rest of ur look, for a much more natural finish or you can do the Kimmy K and change the colour so the concealer is pink based and at a much lighter shade. Pink based concealers under the eye conteract the colour many asain/yellow skin tones have under the eye. Make sure though at the lash line you apply a colour that matches your foundation and then blend the much lighter shade down..ending it just at the tops of your cheekbones.

4. A matte or translucent powder over the top to set and seal in the concealer. Sacha likes to use a tear drop shaped sponge to press the powder in to give it a smooth and well set finish. I think MAC's Prep and Prime Translucent Powder is perfect under the eye as it is super fine and so wont cake up the area.

And so after all is done, you should walk away with a beautifully brightened and well contoured under eye area!

Thanks Sachy! xxx

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