Sunday, 9 January 2011

Times a changin'.

In with the old out with the new I'm afraid. Time to sneak out of your dark comfortable beauty hole to tweek your routines, to make way for some new and exciting Spring/Summer 2011 looks!

OLD                                                      NEW

Earthy warm tawny tones                      Glowy, golden tones
Deep berry lip shades (#sob#)               Precisely drawn red/coloured lips
Heavily kohled eyes                               Bright pastel shades
Grungy wavy wet textured hair               Blown out frizzy, crimped hair
Minimilist skin                                        Perfectly glowy, natural skin
Square shaped nails painted darkly          Long oval shaped, bright nails
Bold and brushed out brows                   Strong, well shaped brows
Smooth, sleek ponytails                         Romantically curled, flyaway hair
Headbands                                           Large, bold hair clips/pieces

Off i toddle to whip my routine into shape!


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