Sunday, 30 January 2011

The search is on...

With my hair appointment booked in tomorrow afternoon, I am desperately trying to decide what weird and wonderful instructions I should give to my lovely hairdresser.With my hair growing back to its old length (to waist), I am bored of the brown and have been for ages. I just cant seem to stay one colour!

Having been in hair limbo for the most part of my time in London, I just have had no inspiration.. Yes the thought of setting my hair alight to a bright red had tempted me on numerous occasions- I want to do something that will carry me into Spring/Summer 11!

So Im thinking.... Colour! What better way to throw myself into the beautiful new world of bold, block colours and Christopher Kane neons... off to get these ends dipped in some of those stunning brights

Now...just what colour exactly?

Dip-Dye And Ombre Hair Colour Trend

Brilliant brights!?
Nicky Minaj... love.

Bold Bohemian?
Daphne Guiness' neice Mary Charteris

Obessively Ombre?
Always amazing- Alexa.


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