Monday, 21 February 2011

MAC Collections- TA DA DA DAA!!

Its such a strange thing working for MAC. I think as artists for the company we very easily forget how amazing it is so be entertained and inspired by such an insane amount of collections. With always one on counter at any one time, having new colours and products to play and create with enables me to constantly try new and exicitng things on myself and my clients.

Coming up, there are a number of collections which will make any girl (and boy) squeal out loud.. Unfortunately, due to employee confidentiality, not much can be said on my behalf sadly, but one that I can discuss, which will be released into our hot little hands on the 3rd of March is Wonder Woman!

Already been shown the collections, and been given the opportunity to have a play with them- let me tell you.. this is one collection you need to get your cute, spring coloured painted paws on on!

With all products packaged with really cool designs of the great woman, with cherry red and bright blue colours and pops of yellow.. all products are SUPER! sized... umm....hello?? Amazing! The collection has a number of goodies, with lippys, mascaras, lipglosses and mineralised powder compacts.

So from what you can see... a great collection, with colours for everyone. You dont know how many people come in on a daily basis asking for a coloured mascara.. so using the Opulash formulation MAC have brought out 4 of the bad boys. Having used them in some applications myself I was really surprised by the lack of tackiness they had! Rather than the end result looking like Jordan dipped in coloured paint, the mascaras gave a lovely hint of colour to the lashes, emphasising the applicants own eye colour.

In case you dont know what colour to choose...

If you have green eyes go for the green or purple colour.
If you blue, go for the blue or purple.
If you have brown- go for all!

Now.. onto the powders. Oh my word they are sublime... having the mineralised bronzer in the centre of the compact and a shading colour and a blush at either end; there are two types. One suited for pink or paler tones and one for darker. I love both! Definately buying a number of these- for personal and professional use!

And jut to let you know- all these products are HUGE. All have been jumbo'd to suit the theme.. so expect big things ;)

Ill promise to write about more collections from now on!


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