Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Working as a makeup artist is kind of like living with a split personality... You have your jobs which are standard; the clients are wanting a look that works naturally with what they have; something which enhances their beauty. These client are fun to work with.. you can see their confidence grow over your time with them. Then you have the other side of your personality. The crazy side, which wants to push your boundaries and is always wanting more from your applications and looks. I LOVE this side of me.

But in saying that.. finding the right inspiration can be challenging. Rather being put off by others styles, skills and talents- I am inspired. They make me want to have that natural ability to push myself, to produce work which is unlike any other.

 And thats where Illamasqua pop into my life. A brand based in Soho, London Illamasquat centre their range around bringing out your night time alta ego and creating looks which are unlike any others. Below are some visuals from their collections... AMAZING.

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