Saturday, 3 December 2011

Daphne Guiness

There are only a few artists in this world that follow their own lead, set the example, inspire the masses, write their own rules. A few names would pop into your head.. Gaga probably being on top of that list, with a limited few under her.

One name that rarely pops up in a mainstream way, but is starting to slowly.. is Daphne Guinness. HUGE in the fashion world, and a household name in her native England, this lovely lady has been a very prominant figure within fashion, covering all bases from journalist, designer, collector of haute couture and many more.

Her close relationship with Isabella Blow (another extremely important name in the fashion industry and personal friend and muse to McQueen..before both committing suicide) was extremely important to her and became evident when, after Blow committing suicide upon her news that she had cancer, The Honourable Daphne Diana Joan Suzannah Guinness purchased all of Blows wardrobe, for the sole reason to “prevent Issie’s possessions becoming mere morbid memorabilia… to preserve it.”

The reason why I have chosen now to blog about Daphne is because there have been a number of beauty collaborations between her and some top cosmetic companies, in 2010 one being with NARS but only recently has she gone publicly about her upcoming collection with MAC! Daphne has been a massive supporter of MAC for many years and uses MAC artists personally, regularly.

So! Watch this space for more information on what to expect!

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