Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sorry friends..

Hello gorgeous people,

Sincere apologies for my absence! I can say with ease that December was a manic month for the MAC crew at Myer Melbourne. Full on hours + all of what you would expect with summer socialising madness! That plus plenty of freelance.. I have been a busy woman!

Good news on a MAC front, I was given the role of Product Specialist- which is amazing! Im in charge of inspiring the team, updating everyone regarding new collections, products etc and organising on counter trends, themes and styling... Just my kind of job! Couldnt be more excited.

Also, if you have the time and the funds ;).. please run as fast as you can to a counter to grab some items from the Gareth Pugh collection (extremely limited stock produced, so get in on the day!)  and also the Iris Apfel collection which is coming out in Feb has AMAZING lip colours. All bright, and different textures (some mattes etc), a collection which suits Australian trends.

The packaging for the Pugh collection is AMAZING! So much different from what we have ever had. Heavy metals, leather, patents..

I have set alot aside for myself- cant wait to buy it!!

Iris Apfel : the queen responsible for massive fashion movements (jeans being one..)

Iris Apfel Collection lipsticks...O.M.G

Iris Apfel's Makeup Line For MAC: FIRST LOOK
So, heres so an amazing 2012! I have alot of goals that I want to reach and I cant wait to achieve them. Hope you enjoy a year of many posts from me,  H I L A R Y H O L M E S !!

Love xx

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