Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Yves Saint Laurent

I love this man. The more I understand fashion and the more I absorb it, the more I draw on YSL's story as inspiration. Sadly passing away in 2008, he left behind a fashion house with many successful branch companies.

This Algerian born, French designer didnt become Dior's successor at age 21 for nothing. His sketches BLOW MY MIND. The fact that YSL came from nothing, had some terrible career lows to rise and become one of historys most respected and admired designers, says a great deal about him.

I had the privledge whilst in Paris a couple of months ago to see his exhibit. Beautifully presented at the Petit Palais Museum by YSL's life partner Pierre Burge; I found the exhibit simply breathtaking. Ben, my lovely boyfriend also found it really interesting.. a great mix up of art and fashion. The biggest impact was through his Evening gowns and my favourite- his stunningly silouhetted black masculine suits, for which he's famous for. Perfectly described by Berge,

"Chanel liberated women, but Yves Saint Laurent empowered them."

And his amazingly strong shouldered streamline suits do just that. I also found the
 photo series by Jeanloup Sief incredible. Find one of the more published shots at the beginning of this post!


I also managed to sneak an illegal pic of the YSL's Andy Warhol...love it!


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