Wednesday, 29 December 2010


I think the biggest problem women (and men) have today with their makeup is choosing the right shade of foundation. I want to break down how the skin is analysed by an artist to make sure we're choosing the right shade for you and how you can better understand whats going on so as to make sure you're rocking the best colour!

So when it comes to foundation matching the main element we look at and assess is your tone. There are three different tone types that you will slot into.

Warm/Pink Tone.
Mostly caucasion people fall into this category- but not all! As a general stereotype if you have light hair, blue eyes and/or have more pink in your skin then you would have pink based skin. If you have dark skin and you throw off more of a red tone, rather than a yellow one, then this is your category.


Yellow/Cool Tone

Alot of asian, african and south american backgrounds will mean yellow based skin. If you throw off a fair bit of yellow, if your skin can look quite sallow or if there isnt much pink in the skin, youre most likely to have a cool tone.

Mixed Tone.

Much of the time alot of people have such toruble matching their skin because they have mixed tones for example.. if you have yellow based skin, you may still have a fair bit of warmth to it/a bit of redness in it and if you're pink based a big problem now is that alot of girls fake tan and so this will change the colour of your skin, for the most part to a yellow based colour.

With this tone, I suggest you just play around with some colours. MAC provide you the great opportunity to get foundation matched. Go in, sit down and play around with them. Its their job to discuss what youre after and their professional advice on whats best. But remember- you have to be happy to muck around and just try different tones out...

Hope this helps a little xx

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

d o u b l e d e n i m

Heres some shots I did a month or so back with Hannah Newman the stylist and photographer Alexander Jordan. Went for a very very '"barely there" look with makeup.. kinda blocked out. All models had great skin, so wanted that and the clothes to speak for themselves. Face and Body came through with the goods- again!


Saturday, 11 December 2010

Jessie J.. doing it better than any dude.

This chick is insane!!! Not only can she record an amazing hit, her freestyle is better than any offical release- as seen from the video above. Jessie has done some serious writing for all big boys of the music scene, she originally wrote this song for Rhianna but chose to release it herself. Thank god!

Justin Timberlake has been quoted at saying this girl is the best singer in the world right now. Ah LOVE HER!

I actually saw her original studio recorded official song and was more blown away with the makeup in the vid. But after hearing this live version Im beginning to like everything there is to know about this girl. Not bad for an Essex lady! Ha!

Here are some of the stills from the vid that blew me away makeup wise...


Thursday, 9 December 2010

Nadine Charles shoot

Hi guys,

Sorry for the lack of posts these past few weeks.. work has been manic! So Im slowly getting a filter of work through from some shoots I have done these past few months.

Recently I worked with Juliette Sawyer, an amazing photographer based here in London; who works for the Daily Mail. She was compiling a documentary on singer Nadine Charles and her life story.
Nadine was stunning to work with and very talented, even giving me the pleasure to hear her bluesy rnb tunes.

Here is a few visuals from the shoot...