Monday, 7 March 2011

Helmut Newton. Relate.

Helmut Newton.. sheesh.. Its crazy how much I love this mans work. Always capturing my love of female empowerment, the female form and high fashion.. all with a fetishistic and erotic flavour.

His story is one of inspiration for me, as I have unknowingly followed a path incredibly similar to him.. Though he was born in Berlin, Germany; he moved to Northern Victoria, Australia in his early 20's.. the place where I moved to after living elsewhere. There he interned as a journalist (me studying at uni), did some fruit picking (as unfortunately have I.. ) before he went to war. After the war he moved to London where he continued to understand his love for photography; from which he had since he was extremely young.

And from there it all took off.. he did amazing work for Vogue UK, France and several other publications. He also indugled his love for Australia by returning to work out a contract with Vogue Australia.

Below are a few snippets of his brilliance and some of my favourites. Now, where was I? Oh thats right.. trying to follow in his footsteps- working with Vogue! he he

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