Monday, 7 March 2011

Browsing your options..

In my opinion, one of the bigger mistakes people make with their makeup or a point in their look that is never even addressed- is their brows..

Such an extremely important element to your face's structure, it is one element that is almost always overlooked. Given that many dont have too, or they believe that threading, plucking and/or waxing is enough.. alot of the times Im sorry to say it isnt. Whether your someone who has very fine, light brows or thick, crazy ones or even nothing out of the ordinary brows- many are not accentuating their brows enough to frame their face.

Have a squizz on your brow action now kids.. tell me, are they well defined? Are they balanced? Do they frame your face? Does the colour of your brow coordinate well with your hair?

Much of the times, when I am working with clients the answer is no. So! With brows being such a big point of focus in fashion for the past few seasons and the seasons to come, I want to give you a few tips on how you can best work with what you have to get the optimal results...

First, lets discuss the shape. Ideally what you want to create in your brow is a great beginning, middle and end. The beginning of your brow should start where you line a pencil up from your outer nostril (1), the arch should come when from the outer nostil, upwards to the outer edge of the iris (2) and the end should be from the outer nostril, following along the end of the eye (3).

Now onto colour. So many people have such faint brows, when some colour is applied to them they find it too much. So to compare.. colour one brow in and leave the other alone. Hide one side of the face and see the affect it has on the face and then look at the other. You will see that a stronger brow makes you look younger and it accentuates your eyes and face. Without strength you look washed out and aged.

The tone of the brow should compliment your hair.. Im not saying that if you have black hair you need black black brows. What I mean is that if you have blonde hair and non existant brows.. try a bit of beige eyeshadow instead of a pencil to create a softer finish. If you have dark blonde hair or light brown go for a midtone colour. I think the MAC bow pencils are amazing. Because they are so thin, they allow for easier application, If you use a thick pencil on the eye, the stroke will be heavier and so the brow will look chunky and heavy. Lingering by MAC is the best colour for these tones. For those with warm brown hair Spiked is great and for those with black or dark brown hair Stud is your pencil. If you do fancy a dramatic brow, go for it! For a harder line, simple press harder & for a softer finish apply the pencil is soft, short sweeps.

       MAC brow pencil in Lingering
( great allrounder for any skin or hair colour)

Benefit also have a great brow set, in a powder form.. for those who dont like pencils. Another way to improve the look of the eye is by setting any stray or crazy hairs with Brow Set from MAC.. this will create a clean finish to the brow! Very important and widely used backstage.

Have a go, and I think you might find a more defined and sexier verison staring back at you once you try..


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