Monday, 21 March 2011


Makeup artists for the past few years have seen the beauty and freshness in a stunning orange lip, and slowly after lots of persuasion- its finally catching on.

Whether your bold and daring and like to hold some Morange from MAC on the lip; or maybe your not too daring but like the concept- go for Costa Chic or Vegas Volt again by MAC.

Morange by MAC

Vegas Volt by MAC

Either way- this look goes incredibly with most eye colours.. really bringing out blues and greens and well, we all know how you brown eye'd girls can wear just about anything!

If your not so sure about the lips, maybe tryputting a nude colour all over the lid and softly blending a light orange into your crease for a pop of colour. Rule by MAC is amazing or again for those less inclined for strength..rather softness- go for Texture by MAC.

Texture by MAC

For a hot sexy night out with the girls and/or boy try this sexy smokey eye! Take Blacktrack liquid gel liner and paint it onto the lid of the eye.

No higher than the crease and blend it to soften the edge.. let it dry.

Then pack ontop a sexy dark brown.Into the edge of the crease line where this smokey brown colour stops, get your orange and blend it out wards.

What this does is 'grade out' the eye, creating a smouldering look- with that hit of colour. Perfect for those wanting more than the natural, barely there finish. Finish with using a softer orange toned lipstick/gloss and blush.

AND for those wanting to go a lil silly.. heres a look I did for work one day a few weeks back-

But using orange just doesnt end there- today for work (no pics unfort :( ) I used a amber/orange/bronze eyeshadow colour from MAC called Amber Lights (this tapping into the bronze and orange trends) and graded it out with yellow! Doesnt look as scary as it sounds..



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