Monday, 18 April 2011

Inspiration: Mary-Kate Olsen


Its been an interesting time for me these past few weeks. With A/W 11-12 shows coming to an end
and with S/S 11 at my doorstep, I feel a few seasons ahead and past what is now. With such amazing beauty and fashion all around me, I should be pumped! I want to enjoy the looks that are current and to do that I want to show you how I inspire myself to feel excited, giddy and welcoming to current trends.

I look at those that I admire, with their own strong sense of self and style. Over the next few weeks/months, whatever, I am going to look into those that not only I, but others are drawn to, to help myself and you get excited to add and develop our looks.

So first up is one young lady who we all grew up with, Mary Kate Olsen. One half of the Olsen twins, the two young 20 somethings have grown up from their young acting days to become some of the most successful women in business today. With their companies bringing in billions, they have got the most amazing sense of style and a real grip on the fashion industry.

Mary Kate, personally inspires me moreso- with her quirky indy, 60s, grunge style. Heavily accessorised and kholed she has become the muse for Giambattista Valli, a friend of Karl Lagerfeld and well known within the fashion circles. Her fashion sense reminds me of Kate Moss.. with skinny legs and sexy boots and heels a staple. Oversized scarves and funky sunnies, every inch of this girls wardrobe is lustworthy. Dont even mention the handbags...

In regards to her makeup, its very much earthy.. with the odd pop of colour on the lips. A standard red carpet/shoot look for her is a black/brown kohled eye, worked outwards with a brush and soft brown eyeshadows. Smolder, Teddy or Tarnish by Mac are great pencils to use, with soft browns and nude eyeshadows working their way into darker warm tones. She loves to apply mascara liberally, and you will find Macs Zoom will give you a really well built up lash, giving that heavy, chunky look.
Her skins very glowy and she has Stila's Liquid Luminizer to thank. On the lips its either a stained or applied red lip or mostly just nudes. Good nude shades are Shy Girl, Myth, Creme D'Nude and Viva Glam 2.

Her other fav products are:
- Benefits Posie Tint for the cheeks
- Keihls Body Polish
-Scott Barnes Tan
...and dont forget her staple dark red nail varnish!

Also, if you note in the last pic I posted, I really wanted you guys to undertsand how certain tones and colours can work with yours. MK has very green eyes, and she has made them really pop, by grading out her usually earthy tones to a orange. Orange and Green are complimentary colours, so will always make the other stand out! Just thought Id bring that to your attention ;) .

Hope you enjoy xx

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