Thursday, 19 May 2011


Seemingly, as summer steadily approaches and idea of hot balmy nights excites me, I am also excited about one particular

The looks available to wear with pink these next few seasons are endless... whether you decide to go for a bold and daring neon pink (as discussed in the 'Quite Cute' post a few weeks back), a hotpink lip- the perfect accompaniment to beautifully natural, dewy skin.. using 'Show Orchid' or 'Girl About Town' by MAC or for a much subtler, romantic look..go for a soft wash of colour...

Girl About Town

For day to day looks or even for a night where you dont feel like having too much imapct with your look- you would just rather compliment your floral dress, having a tinted lip conditioner on the lip may be all you need.. I use religiously 'Fuchia Fix' by MAC or another colour 'Petting Pink' for a prettier affect.

Petting Pink

Make sure you understand the benefit of highlighting your face. The planes of your face must be always empahasised, and if you feel- like me, that you dont necessarily have amazing strength to your features..fake it! Using contouring and highlighting on the face is so important, and when I have lessons with clients- its almost the number one rule I insist on when it comes to their makeup. I have discussed contouring before (just go to the contouring tab at the bottom of the page), but something that it totally intoxicating me at present is the heavy use of highlights. To give your skin a beautifully glowy look, allowing your skin to scream "Look how healthy and natural I am!!".. use products that have a wetter consistency. I have previously raved about MAC's 'Soft & Gentle' highlight powder, but try something new- MAC's Cream Colour Bases or a highlighting gel/liquid.. pat the product softly on the highest points of your cheekbones..and arch it around up to your temple and above your brow bone, stopping just before your brow arch. Other places to highlight are the bridge of your nose, your cupids bow (middle of top lip) and your chin.

Other products which can help tie in the look is some soft pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. Ones I would recommend are:

Darker skin: MACs Dollymix, Benefits Coralista
Medium: MACs Fleur Power, Nars Orgasm
Light: MAC's Pink Swoon, MACs Blushbaby or Benefits Thrrob


On the eyes- go for a nude eye or a nude with just a slight tint of pink.. and make sure you add just a really fine line of liquid liner along the top lash, to frame it or for an even more natural look- omit the liner and use a brown eyeshadow and smudge into the lash line to frame the eye. To top it off, use a mascara which will define and lengthen, but wont clump or bulk up the lash..remember, its all about a soft, delicate look.

Ellie Saab S/S11

Valentino S/S 11

Chanel Cruise Show 11-12


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