Wednesday, 8 June 2011

love love love love love

Im the kinda gal that loves to wear makeup, but really- if I had my way I would keep it nice and simple most of the time (dont get me wrong, compared to a normal person i probably wear WWAAAYYY to much..hehe) but my biggest problem.. makeup doesnt tend to wear well on my face. Liner always ends up on my chin, lipstick on my forehead, foundation smears everywhere... I could go on and trust me- its true. The other makeup artists I work with think its hilarious. For me- just plain annoying.

So! When I only stupidly discovered MACs Liquid Last liners recently I felt like a big arse lightbulb went off over my head.. these bad boys are waterproof! And I mean.. you can go swimming, rub ur eyes frantically and have watery eye syndrome (like many people I know) and the line wont budge.


So today, after being inspired by some others on counter I wacked Aqualine around my eye in a thin line.. to give my eye a bright pop! without too much product. Really keeping in line of the Pop Classic trends for S/S 11, this subtle way to add colour is also a brilliant concept for those who will be enjoy the sun and surf and hate the thought of reapplying or having liner all down their face. Theres heaps of other colours.. black for your standard liner, a plummy purple for a smokey affect, a navy and a few more.

Im so excited that I can head out for some drinks knowing that, though I may be acting aorse for wear- my makeup wont be and whilst on holidays in Serbia and Croatia in a couple of weeks time- no amount of swimming or sweating will hold me back!


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