Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Summer Sessions

In London, it has been a long, snow filled winter. At times so impossibly hard and at others- absoultely breathtaking. But for all the 'hardship' we have endured over Winter, we who live here have been rewarded with the hottest Spring in 350years...

The weather has been superbly on show and treating us to rediculously long days, singing birds and at times, a sweat! So now that summer is upon us I look forward to having fun at festivals, Sunday afternoons spent trolling through markets and nights sitting on decks enjoying a cider.

Music is the most perfect accompaniment to such fine things and long have I loved blasting music into my ears as I coast around it cars and sit outside in heat. Having recently been to a number of gigs and shows I have been draining Spotify of all its minutes to update my senses and fill my need for pretty tunes.

Currently on my playlist:

Radiohead 'The King of Limbs'
Sigur Ros
Arcade Fire
The xx
Sade 'The Ultimate Collection'
Boy & Bear
The Black Keys
Aloe Blacc
The Staves
Angus & Julia Stone 'Down the Way'
Noah and the Whale
Lykke Li
Miami Horror
Jeff Buckley (always need him and some other staples in my life!)

and look...I could actually go forever and always have new songs popping up- but these guys are always hanging around!

In terms of makeup, people always come to me asking for makeup that will stay put and not run around. Tips for gettin you through this festival season and through the heat..

- Always have a powder in your bag to take away excess shine
- Wear water based foundation.. when its water based, its water resistant so wont budge! Try teaming MACs Face & Body with Select cover concealer for a light, heat proof cover.
- Keep products on the face minimal.. a pop of colour on the lips, a highlight on the cheeks and eyes and mascara... easy!

Products currently loving..

MACs Surf Baby Collection:
- Ocean Dip nail varnish (deep aqua green)
- Amazing Careblend Bronzers (sit nice and close to the skin..dont look muddy!)
- Hibiscus lippy (corally orange..deeper than most!)
- Surf USA & Saffrom eyeshadows

Surf USA eyeshadow

MACs Flight Collection:
- Purple & Blue mascara.. loving a pop of colour on the eyes in a really subtle way!
- Trophy Big Bounce gel shadow.. amazing on eyes and highlight point but make sure you use it with a synthetic brush!

Other brands:

Chanels Mimosa yellow nail varnish
YSLs amazing summer lipsticks.. great bright colours!
Bumble & Bumble hair prods.. a new addition to my hair system. So far- amazing! Im using the Quench Shampoo, Mend Conditioner and Deeep Treatment. A big help to getting my over bleached locks..

Enjoy x

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