Friday, 19 August 2011

Today at work...

Was an interesting day! Having been lucky enough to be apart of our new counter fit out.. now having a counter the same size as Selfridges on Oxford St (largest MAC in the world); we have a makeup studio with 8 stations in which to play makeup with the clients!

My favourite days at work are when Im allocated to be on the studio and so all I have to do is apply amazing makeup looks on those that have booked in and have somewhere special to go! Today I had a number of clients and with all, there seemed to be a common requirement- undereye brightener!

#Fact.. Did you know that the most widely used product backstage at the fashion shows is YSL Touche Eclat? Even when MAC is the brand who provide the makeup teams, product and looks the key artists demand its use.

Like many things in life there is a company/brand/product that is a monopoly.. GHD's, Apple etc etc etc.
And until very recently there has been no product in the market to rival Touche Eclat. Until recently released their Prep & Prime Highlighters... and at half the price with the same effect/result Im so happy they have made my kit all that little bit cheaper to stock! (£17)

Today I used the Bright Forecast for a slightly darker Asian skintone to remove the dark violet toned undereye circles, as so many are prone to; on a lovely girl who was caucasian and needed that Kimmy K undereye effect, I used Radiant Rose; and for a few clients that were quite fair, I used Light Boost.

Dab the product on, after eye makeup has been applied and your foundation is on. Work quickly with it, so as not to let it dry, making it harder to blend. Use a brush that is long and fluffy- a perfect option is the #224. Apply it lightly and in a triangle (as mentioned in previous posts on how to apply underyeye concealer most affectively) from the corner of the eye, to the outer corner and connecting through down to the nose.

So... from what I hear, of late- it hasnt been the Touche Eclat that the key makeup artists have been calling for.


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