Wednesday, 21 March 2012

We'll grow old.

In a world of crazy, hectic moments.. seemingly constant and neverending, there are moments of pure and clean simplicity. Be it a glimpse of clear blue skies through the office window; the smell of your neighbours mowed lawn; a song that calms the weariest of days or a uncompromised moment of trusted and natural coversation, ending in laughter- life makes sense again.

Strip it back to basic, real and truthful and the fog begins to clear; your day has new found meaning. This is me everyday, and everyday it takes that one moment for the fog to dissipate and for me to get what I want in this life in a way that I know Im going to enjoy it. ONE moment, ONE smile, ONE idea, ONE hope, ONE song, ONE minute -  in ONE day.

My inspiration lately has abandoned my thoughts, but stripping things back and clearing my thoughts will bring me back. Even listening to the beautiful song below, accompanied by a really lovely video has helped. Im a sensory girl. Get me some tunes, on a sunny day in a natural setting and I'm pretty much set for life.

But for now, until that moment surprises me- I believe I have some stripping to do....

Enjoy x

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