Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Eye Creams

Why hello! Man, Im so sorry for being a little creep, hiding in the corner.. guess theres been so much more going on in oz than I had planned and with all the settling in.. I just have been raped of all drive for my fav thing in the world and thats this blog!!

So apologies for the halt in production, so to speak.. but after all thats going on with me- Ive been moved to the MAC PRO store on Chapel St which is really rad and then we have moved into our own digs FINALLY so thats been a mission setting up all our stuff again! On top of all that, freelance has been going gang busters! Having lots of fun with many a pretty bride, fiancee and lady with their special day..

With PRO Ive been lucky enough to do my first Logies makeup and my first Miss World contestant.. Ill put some photos up as soon as they come to me!

But! With all this fuss, the reason Im back on is because y'all have been on my back about eye creams!! SOOOO many of my clients ask about them.. is it necessary? are they worth the money? which one does what? what do I need to do with it? So I thought.. let me get onto it and blog about it!!

Its one massive thing Ive noticed since coming back to oz.. how textured the aussie lass' eye area is. Everyones great with getting on down with face creams, cleansers and serums but not so much the eye creams. And I have to say- this is the one area women should be focusing on the most! You have to remember that the skin in and around the eye is exceptionally delicate.. and with the skin being so thin, fine and soft it has a much different way of acting then the rest of our skin.

With all the sun and all the laughs we have in our life, the expressions we show on our face everyday eventually have a "scarring" effect on the skin (we know these as god damn wrinkles..). So everytime we squint, scowl, laugh or cry.. our skin in a microscopic way is getting a flogging...

So lets talk about the different problems women have with their eyes....


A massively big problem for most women with yellow based skin is the purple/blue tones under the eye. A really big problem for asians in particular. I have talked in previous posts about how to colour correct these but in this post its how we can combat the issue!!

With those with pink based skin you will find you get redder, more violet tones around the eyes. Whenever these tones are present it will make you look tired and run down- trust me-it happens to all! And when we look tired, it dont help you feel any more awake ;)

Dark circles and redness around the eye are cause by a number of factors- lack of sleep, poor nutritional habits, aging and skin pigmentation. For non-eyecream help the best advice I have is to place a cold compress on the eye like a cold cloth or a pack of frozen vegies.. or for a more "beauty treatment" feel- cold cucumber slices. Anything cold will constrict the blood vessels that have risen to the skin surface and make them less visible (thus removing redness!). Also use sunscreen around the eye to stop the sun increasing the shade of the pigmentation.

Best eye creams for dark cirles are:

CHEAP- Olay Eye regenerating cream (has niacinamide to help reduce discolouration) $25
REASONABLE- Estee Lauder Idealist illuminator $100
SPLURGE- Creme de la mer Eye Balm Intense $270

Puffiness is your bodys way of telling you that it cares kids- so dont punish it by hating it- just work out how to tell it that your ok! Your eyes become puffy when the skin feels its under attack (from lack of sleep etc) so fluid then fills the space to "protect" the eye. Your friends in combating this issue, is the good old trusty cold compress- again. But also CAFFEINE!!
Caffeine helps constrict the bloody vessels and telling them to chill the hell out!!
Best eye creams for puffiness:
CHEAP- Garnier Ultra Lift Anti Wrinkle Cream $15
REASONABLE- MAC's Fast Response Eye Cream $55
SPLURGE- Creme de la Mer The Eye Concentrate $350
Oh, come on! Youre definately not the only one! Wrinkles are something we all have to watch kids. Its just gonna happen.. But, it can be slowed down- and that means sunscreen, suncreen, sunscreen!!
We need to keep the hydration and collagen levels in our skin up, so that when we squint or show expression the skin has the capacity to handle such movement!
Collagen is SO important for our skin and our bodies! Its the protein that serves a key structural component of connective tissue; the mesh that holds us together and the more collagen the more strength and resilience your skin has!!
CHEAP- Liquid Vitamin C (avail at health stores) and suncreen!! $20
REASONABLE- Nutrogena Anti Wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Eye Cream $32
SPLURGE- Lancome Paris Renergie Microlift Eye R.A.R.E. $135
Added notes... Those with dry skin.. get as much hydration into the skin as you can and go for the topical liquid vitamins on the eye! Vitamin C, E and A!
Well I hope this is the kind of information you were after ;)
YAY! heres to more and more posts from me.
Love you all xx

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