Sunday, 25 March 2012

Cults - Abducted

Saw these guys when they supported The Drums a month or so back at the Forum.
Kinda liked the eclecticness of their sound!


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

We'll grow old.

In a world of crazy, hectic moments.. seemingly constant and neverending, there are moments of pure and clean simplicity. Be it a glimpse of clear blue skies through the office window; the smell of your neighbours mowed lawn; a song that calms the weariest of days or a uncompromised moment of trusted and natural coversation, ending in laughter- life makes sense again.

Strip it back to basic, real and truthful and the fog begins to clear; your day has new found meaning. This is me everyday, and everyday it takes that one moment for the fog to dissipate and for me to get what I want in this life in a way that I know Im going to enjoy it. ONE moment, ONE smile, ONE idea, ONE hope, ONE song, ONE minute -  in ONE day.

My inspiration lately has abandoned my thoughts, but stripping things back and clearing my thoughts will bring me back. Even listening to the beautiful song below, accompanied by a really lovely video has helped. Im a sensory girl. Get me some tunes, on a sunny day in a natural setting and I'm pretty much set for life.

But for now, until that moment surprises me- I believe I have some stripping to do....

Enjoy x

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

missed this shit.

Wow, this has been crazy! Since leaving our wee little flat in London in October last year it has been go go go. FINALLY we are in our own place in Melbourne! Internet connected yesterday and I can finally get back into what I love most- researching and expressing my passion for beauty, fashion and art.

So! Apologies for the delay and let this be the last time I break from blogging!

So, if you have been wandering what I have been up to in my little makeup world- check my tumblr page out.. I post all my own looks from counter and also some of my freelance work.

Enjoy xx