Monday, 4 March 2013

Almost a full year and I'M BACK!

My gosh, well firstly- sorry! Its been far too long and I have had far too many people nagging me to return to this baby, so Im letting go of all the guilt for not nurturing my babes and Ill be seeing you a hella lot more!!
I was so in love with updating this blog with all my likes, loves & adventures but upon my arrival home to Oz things got a bit cray cray!! So, as I write this I am winding up my first bridal season since being back home and I have been booked solid for the past 8 months and am so happy (and just a tad tired).
Ive been floored by how much fun Ive had with some amazing brides & lovely people- so I would love to share my knowledge.. my inspo..all the fun I have with MAC & all the good little bits in between!
So this is just a "Hey, wazzup. Im back!" post. Cant wait to post some really awesome stuff!
Hilary xx