Tuesday, 12 May 2015


For so many Aussie girls there seems to be a long battle finding a makeup routine that encompasses all of their needs.. a skin product that is natural, easy & quick to apply and lasts all day.

Well, I myself have been searching for this kind of product too! Well.. maybe I have rolled this in with my obsession of buying lots of makeup and eagerly trying it as well!

And finally I have found it!

Long after having Ms Bingle in my inspo folder and watching her develop this brand of tanning & bronzing products, I jumped on her website where I was massively surprised to see the price point of her products! Nope, not an overly expensive product encased in fancy packaging- rather a super well priced product, packaged in simple yet an edgy dark matte bronze.

Upon arrival I was impressed with all of it! I have been regularly using her LB Cream (A$24) since, a super wearable tinted moisturiser. What I love about it is, unlike other BB creams or tinted moisturiser it blends easily, dries quickly and feels fantastic on the skin.

So it has quickly taken over my daily routine! I apply it with my duo fibre stippling brush,  then using the same brush to apply her liquid matte bronzer (A$24) to my contours- to bronze my face and add dimension; this is a great way to apply bronzer to the skin as it is easily blended and doesn't leave that muddy, heavy finish that most powder bronzers give. I again use the same brush to pop the liquid illuminating cream (A$24) on the tops of my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow.

With so many of you asking for my recommendation for an easy, effective and well priced product- this range definitely gets my approval!