Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Nail Trends Baby!

                                                             Photo: All Lacquered Up

Nail Art is something I am totally obsessed with and there in nothing better than stewing over the seasons new trends in what our fingers should be wearing!

Though last seasons trends of the nudes are still around, with many designers choosing to keep the shades around for this season (Marc by Marc, Catherine Malandrino, and Thakoon); we are definately seeing a more geometric look to nails coming through. Ruffian had some awesome art- kinda like a reverse french manicure with a twist!


Nothing better to get the drinks-a-flowin with a tune from the man himself Mr.Mark Ronson. This crazy dude has produced some of the finest music to enter our ears these past few years. He is the man behind Lily Allen, Christina Aguilera, Kanye and Amy WInehouse (Back to Black; not Back to Crack..oo ho ho ho).

Though previously releasing a record of all his hit collaborations, he has just released his own record (amazing guitarist!); Mark Ronson and Business Intl with 'Record Collection'. Some fun tracks.. One of my favs below!

Mark Ronson and Business Intl- Bang Bang Bang

Oh and on the style side of things- Mark is one funky monkey that has lots of it. With a really cool 1960/Beatles feel to his wardrobe; he has recently worked with Gucci to bring out his own range of high stopping the man.


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Ship Shape.

Photo: Corbra Snake

At the moment Im particularly intrigued by the technique of changing the shape and features of the face through makeup. Whether it be colour correction, contouring or eye make up.

At Jeremy Scotts S/S 2011 NYFW show he collaborated with Key Makeup Artist- the ammaazzzzinngg Val Garland; who developed a sexy Marilyn Munroe meets Debbie Harry look. What I particularly liked was how Val changed the shape of the eye by erasing the models own eyebrows, pushing the crease up further- creating a visually larger eye. Love it!

'New Boundaries' video shoot

On the weekend, I lent my services to the 'New Boundaries' and 'Crazy' music video for the artists Sir Apollo and Ayo.

Was a massive 14hr day, pushing out the looks for the 5 main artists and 20+ extras. Lots of fun with a mix up of a rooftop shoot, warehouse band scene and a really cool 'concert' setup; all in this amazing abandoned warehouse in North London, which was once the building which Winston Churchill conducted his operations for WW2. Pretty cool....

The looks created for the boy band members was a simple chiselled look using Mac's Face and Body Foundation, Studio Finish Concealer, Blot Powder, 'Tenderling' Blush and Clear Gloss. The girls had a funky "ghetto" edge, with bright bold lips in Mac lipsticks 'Girl About Town', 'Impassioned' (fav!), 'Pink Burst', 'Russian Red' and the new Prolong Lipsticks in 'Good To Go' and 'Extended Play'. I mixed the strong lips in with nude eyes, winged eyes and bright metallic eyes. All together the girls looked amazing!

Im looking forward to working with these artists in the next couple of weeks on various other videos.

Monday, 27 September 2010

New adventures..

A year ago things flipped for me. Though at the time they wernt all positive; like at all other times in my life- if something negative happens, i must find the positive. And I did. I made the bold decision to leave my career in animal health in Melbourne, Australia;  my amazing boyfriend of 3 years (he'll join me soon- i hope!), my dog, my friends and family and an amazing home and off I flew to London.

I came to London with one dream. To make a successful career as a makeup artist. And since I have arrived that dream is on its way to become a reality. Now working fulltime for one of the industries most recognised, successful and leading brands; I am one step closer!

I have developed this blog as a creative outlet for me to post my experiences in and about London. Whether it be about makeup trends, new and favourite products, art, music, fashion and anything else I stumble upon- I am hoping that what I post will inspire others to create and explore.

I hope you will visit again and enjoy!

Hilary x