Sunday, 22 January 2012

Rainbow L.O.V.E

Its taken me a couple of months to stumble on these images from November's ELLE Brazil, but worth the wait ;) Perfect.


In a world of beauty products, piled high from counter to counter, no decision is easy. And I relate the task of hunting for a new foundation like going jeans shopping- post a 4kg gain... head spinningly confusing and nothing seems to fit.

But lucky me, I have had to learn  what are the questions you should ask, but more importantly what questions the ARTIST should ask. Here are some below...

1. What type of skin have you got? (dry, oily, dry-normal, oily-normal, dry-oily tzone)
2. How would you like the foundation to look? (dewy, matte or inbetween)
3. What kind of coverage are you after? (full, medium, sheer)
4. What are you currently using and what do you want to change about how it acts?

These questions will mean when you come to the decision of what foundation to choose, you know you have chosen one that fits you. Too many times do I see clients coming in confidently saying "My friend uses Studio Fix Fluid and she looks amazing. I want it!" Well, Im sorry to burst the bubble in which you had hoped that upon application, you too shall look like your model-looking, perfect skinned girlfriend.. but it doesnt work that way!

You may have completely different skin to your friend and so what looks good on her- not so much on you, unfortunately! She may answer the above questions very differently remember.

But! The purpose of this post was to RAVE about one particular foundation, which could solve your confused state of mind and knock out all the above questions... leading you to ask only this-
 "What shade of MAC's Face & Body foundation am I?"

Face & Body is the staple foundation in my kit. I use it on all skins, for all different effects, all different events and for all different ages. It doesnt complain (go cakey or make pores more visible), it's buildable, looks AMAZING on everyone and can give you a dewy effect or with a sweep of powder post application- can be turned matte.

So, next time you march forth to find your new saving grace, the product that hides your Monday-itis or covers your stressed out chin (you know the ones girls- hormonal pimples..ugh.) makes sure you set your sights for a MAC PRO store and beeline towards Face and Body. You'll love me, but maybe your hot friend wont. Now that she'll be wanting the skin your in.


First Aid Kit

Nice tunes from this swedish group..


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Fast forward.

If your like me and surround yourself with trends, fashion shows and stylised peeps you may have a tendancy to be kinda over everyone looking different.. and all end up looking the same.

I LOVE trends but its overwhelming..Its easy to lose your own sense of style and in a place like Melbourne where everyone climbs over "being cool" you either have to forget all about trends or just do your own thing. I think thats the one big thing I miss about London; the guys there wore a style because the felt like it represented them, looked good on them and individualised them.

So, if you want to know how to impress a makeup artist, set yourself away from the rest and give yourself a look which not many would wear...heres a list of some ideas...


Donna Karen S/S12: in fact, this entire look- keyed by Charlotte Tilbury, is incredible...



Alexander Wang


Rooney Mara at the Golden Globes 2012.


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lashes, through my eyes..

It seems like the rest of the world may be slowly coming aroud to MACs way of thinking! Its all about the lashes. I have to be honest, I wasnt that big a fan when I first started working on counter.. purely because Im more of an artist who loves to create on others, not necessarily on myself. Im kind of a natural girl. But of course, when you start having to wear so many looks, day in day out, you tend to get a little addicted to certain finishes a product may give.

And thats where lashes come into play. I think they seem daunting for most people, especially when you have to apply them yourself.. but get shown once and you know the score. It may take practice, but the look will make you want to perfect. Once on- WOW!

So, I think when you ask yourself what lashes would suit me, I get that its really daunting having to choose.. So lemme break it down for you. Always adjust the density of the lash to suit your own.

If you have naturally long lashes, which are quite fine- then go for a pair that are long and thick (to add volume throughout the lash), if you have no lashes or very fine/short ones, dont go too crazy, they need to look naturally pretty remember! If you have thick but short lashes, add a bit of length to improve the overall look of the lash..

Now onto eye shapes!

If you have small eyes:

You have to be careful.. if you have a heavy brow- you need to make sure the lashes arent too long, otherwise they will hit your hair line! Go for a pair that are not too winged and not too long. Make sure they are slightly longer towards the outer corner though, this will pull the eyeshape outwards.
Good to use:
Natural: #32
Smokey: #4
Dramatic: #3 or # 2


If you have round eyes;

Like me, if you have round eyes, you want to manipulate their shape so they look more almond. So go for a pair that wing out. My favourites are:
Natural: #4 or #20 for a slight flick at the ends..
Sexy: #36 or #12
Dramatic: #44

Miss Piggy gets her own MAC Cosmetics collection


If you have Almond eyes:

Well firstly, I hate you. haha! When it comes to makeup- your eyes can work any look and any lash!
So go for gold.. its all about the look you want to create.
Natural: #7s are one of MACs most popular lash. They look weird on the plastic, but on theyre great.
Smokey: #36
Dramatic: #12

# 7's

If you have Asian Eyes:

I have so many asian clients that come in, wanting a beautiful lash but find it hard not knowing what will best suit them. The best lashes to go for are the shorter ones, so they dont hit too high on the brow. MAC lashes #31, #32 or #7s!


And then, after all is said and done and you still seem to be stuck- pop into MAC!



Really interesting red carpet for the 2012 Golden Globes. A mixed bag of colour and shades, styling and hair & makeup.

Makeup seemed to be nude/natural vs soft smokey eyes.. Very much still supporting the trends which are about.

Some of my favs:

Love the Nina Ricci dress, clean sleek hair accompanying the busy dress and the makeup- stunning. Not trying to compete with such a statement dress.. the skin is beautifully porcelain with very little cheek colour; the eyes have strength through the lashes but not too over done; and of course how could such a beautiful look be complete without a strong, but subtle brow. LOVE.

I love Clare Danes' tailored monochromatic dress, teamed with a lovely smokey eye and stain of berry red gloss on the lips. I maybe wouldnt have gone for that particular choice of lip colour.. but beautiful nonetheless.

Sophia Vergara showed off the curves that made her so famous, in, what style of dress seemed most popular at this years awards. All works well, and Im happy she went with simple straight hair and again a soft smokey eye and a softer pink berry on the lip.

Nicole Richie shows us how to wear metallics right. A really sexy neckline, shown off perfectly with her long (god bless extensions) hair, beautiful accessories and the makeup.. well... hawt.

My favourite out of the lot, with a really sexy twist on the smokey eye. Really allowing the eyeliner to dominate the look, comapred to most who let the eyeshadow do the talking. Working this look with gorgeously bronzed, contoured skin makes it all work- without it all looking too much.


Sorry friends..

Hello gorgeous people,

Sincere apologies for my absence! I can say with ease that December was a manic month for the MAC crew at Myer Melbourne. Full on hours + all of what you would expect with summer socialising madness! That plus plenty of freelance.. I have been a busy woman!

Good news on a MAC front, I was given the role of Product Specialist- which is amazing! Im in charge of inspiring the team, updating everyone regarding new collections, products etc and organising on counter trends, themes and styling... Just my kind of job! Couldnt be more excited.

Also, if you have the time and the funds ;).. please run as fast as you can to a counter to grab some items from the Gareth Pugh collection (extremely limited stock produced, so get in on the day!)  and also the Iris Apfel collection which is coming out in Feb has AMAZING lip colours. All bright, and different textures (some mattes etc), a collection which suits Australian trends.

The packaging for the Pugh collection is AMAZING! So much different from what we have ever had. Heavy metals, leather, patents..

I have set alot aside for myself- cant wait to buy it!!

Iris Apfel : the queen responsible for massive fashion movements (jeans being one..)

Iris Apfel Collection lipsticks...O.M.G

Iris Apfel's Makeup Line For MAC: FIRST LOOK
So, heres so an amazing 2012! I have alot of goals that I want to reach and I cant wait to achieve them. Hope you enjoy a year of many posts from me,  H I L A R Y H O L M E S !!

Love xx