Thursday, 14 October 2010

Hair today..gone tomorrow..

For the next few seasons in fashion: clothing, hair and makeup; its all about texture and contrast.. this post I want to focus on hair because...

Whilst strolling around Soho last week on a warm, sunny day I had an epiphany! Its time to lose the summer blonde and go back to dark, with a fringe for winter. So after finding an awesome salon in the backstreets I sat and had wonderfully long chats with the hairdresser..who happened to work extensively on LWF the week previous. He told me that looking forward we will be seeing contrasting hair. With one side of the head slicked back and the other side teased and frizzed. Hair flattened and slick at the crown, with an extremely straight centre side parts; with the hair down, with rough texured waves. Roughed up plaits, teased forward buns..

The shows for Spring/Summer 2011 that the hair designs really impressed me at were Kenzo, Sass & Bide, Dior, Prada and always the one to blow my mind..Giles.

Alexander Wang's A/W 2010 show represented this trend perfectly..

Ive been testing some out at work and having lots of fun with it...

Band Of Horses - Factory

On a cold, foggy London morning, I sit here with my toast, tea and tunes. This suits my mood perfectly.

Lovely Lara

One of the outtakes from "Lara Stone Noire Fiction", photographed by Steven Klein in the February issue of Paris Vogue.

I love this girl. Known for being perfectly imperfect. Tall girl, small feet, curves and gappy teeth. Bless.

Its all about the RED lip....

" Couture. Seductive. Rockabilly Chic. Gothic. Lady. Red has so many personalities." -Terry Barber.

Always a classic and its been reworked! Red lips have been seen in the past few seasons.. but be warned- they arent going anywhere! Whether you want a light stained lip, a soft glossy lip, a bright bold lip, or a dark seductive one; there is a red for you!


Ruby Woo - The crazy, bright red; with an extreme matte finish. Those who dare, win. Dita Von Teese's fav. *use with Redd Lip Liner

Lady Bug- for those who are new to bold lips, and want to dip their toe before they dive in.. a soft, sheen finish. *use with Cherry Lip Liner (very lightly..)

M.A.C Red- If you want a red- thats a true red and has a lovely creamy texture?? This lipstick needs to be in everyones makeup bag. Im falling madly in love... * use with Cherry Lip liner

Russian Red- My go to. Lovely deep blue red and really sexy on brunettes!! Great texture, not glossy but not too matte. And the lipstick Gwen Stefani wont be seen dead without, no less. *use with Brick Lip Liner

Lady Danger- I cant talk about this colour enough.. A beautiful fun orange red, seen extensively on catwalks and on the fashion scene. Suits all skin and hair types. *only available at Mac Pro Store locations. *use with Redd Lip Liner

So after choosing the colour you love, remember! There is no point wearing a bold lip without insuring it will last and look strong. It is a look in itself dont forget.. So prime with Prep and Prime Lip, to ensure it will stay, condition and fill in those little lines around the lip line to prevent bleeding AND most importantly line, line, line. Lip Liner is what gives the lip shape!

And if red still isnt working for you, and you want to go for an even edgier look.. i will be posting about gothier, darker lips as soon as I can.

Love xx

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Top ten fav makeup products..

I searched high and low on the net and when talking to other artists, finding out what their favourite products are and why... I know it was important for me, to get their advice and feedback. Thought Id make it easier on you guys and throw out a few I thought you could fall in love with!

Heres a few of my top favourite products that I use personally and professionally:

1. Mac Face and Body Foundation: an amazingly versatile product that i have both in my makeup bag and kit. A beautiful dewy finish, that has a buildable coverage. So great for a lovely light day look and then add a bit more for flawless, fuller coverage for a night out. note: dont be scared by the runny consistency, as its water based its highly fluid. Once on the skin though it will become tacky and blend really well.

2. Lancome Hypnose Mascara: a great all round mascara that can build great volume on fine, short lashes. For people with longer lashes it will give great definition, without the glugginess.

3. Mac Studio Finish Concealer: this little baby may look all small and tidy in its little pot- but dont expect it to run out in a hurry! Its thick, creamy consistency means for flawless coverage; but a product that suits most. Best suited for an oilier skin; but can be used on everyone. Covers everything!

4. Paw Paw Cream: a cheap aussie lipbalm made of the fruit.. you guessed it- paw paw. For £5, expect the tube to last ages, keep the lip in great condition and not taste weird, regardless of its medicinal benefits.

5. Mac Paintpots:  Ever see an amazing eyeshadow you like, take it home and out it on and find that it either looks washed out and the pigment doesnt picknt up? Or do you wear it for 20 minutes and it begins to creep into your creases? The paintpots are fantastic at matting the lid (removing all excess oil), smoothing the texture of the lid, intensifying the depth of the pigment and extending the duration of wear of your eye makeup. At the end of the day- i have yet to find anything that works so well under makeup. I cannot wear a colour on my lids without one down!

6. Mac Mineralized Skin Face Natural: When wearing liquid or cream foundations our skin is crying for one thing- powder!! Regardless if you're an oilslick or someone who has dry skin, that gets a bit sweaty once in a while.. powder is so crucial to reduce the shine our face produces, to press and set the liquid foundation and concealer on the face and to soften the look of your makeup. The mineralised powder doesnt cake the skin with product, giving it that fluffy look, most other powders seem to to give. Definately a winner..

7. Smashbox Photo Finish Primers: Oh.My.God. Without a word of a lie, these primers are sensational. With 5 in the range, there is a type to suit you. Original for all skin, Light for oily skins, Green Corrector for red skins, Lavender Corrector for yellow/sallow/dull skin and Anti-Aging with SPF for older skin. All silicon based these puppies are phenomenal at filling in fine lines and pores, smoothing the skins texture and "sticking" the foundation, so as not to slip or wear away. Love love this stuff...

8. Mac Fix+ Spray: If I could drink this stuff, I would. And by the gallon. This face spray is jammed packed full of good stuff for the skin, with caffeine to calm and botanical extracts to condition, the reason I spray this before, during and after my makeup application. Not only do I find my skin calms, relaxes and refreshes after spraying but it also does an amazing job of setting the makeup by pressing it into the skin, but also making sure it lasts throughout the day.

9. Mac Lady Danger lipstick: One lipstick thats a big fav amoungst other artists, and used widely in shows, this lipstick is a very orange firery red. Love it. Gives impact, conditiona and wear. Wear it with a lip liner though please.. no point in having a impact lip, without shape and definition!

10. 217 Mac brush: If I could have only one brush to do an entire makeup application with, this baby, would be it. Such an amazing brush to blend and buff concealer onto the face and ultra brilliant at giving a flawlessly blended lid for eyeshadow. Check it.

Hope you enjoy.. Ive done many a years research finding, trialing and loving these guys. Hope you do to.