Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Glastonbury 2011

With such bi-polar weather over the past week in London, I expected a really good amount of inspiration for both summer and winter wear. And boy did I get it...

Key Micro Trends:
- denim shorts
- cable knits
- overalls
- straw/felt hats
- layers
- black vs colour
- turbans (yes!)
- boho/hippy
- undone hair, textured and wavy- but effortless
- prints
- textured materials (lace etc)

Makeup was kept so basic and clean. with fresh faces qand pops of colour on the lips. Was kinda hoping to see alot more glitter, but that will come ;) Radioheads surprise set cheered me right up!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Emma Watson

Covering Vogue US July's Issue Emma Watson looks amazing!

I havnt really been feeling her short locks that much, but this is the first time I feel its brought that toughness and maturity it needs. The makeup looks sublime, with a lovely dewy/highlighted skin, strong brows and a my fav! a deep wine coloured lip. Again, its all about combining and playing around with textures. Using shimmer, shine, gloss, matte, grainy and smooth prods.

Make up, of course was Val Garland- whos everyones fav atm (particularly gaga).
Wouldnt be complete without Mario Testino behind the lens..

Emma Watson in Prada on the cover of Vogue USA July 2011

Monday, 20 June 2011

Bon Iver

What an album... very much one that draws me in and holds on tight.

Bon Iver's self titled album, released recently is currently playing heavily on my playlist.
A really lovely little music video to accompany it too, above.

Note the female role is none other than Raina, runner up of Americas Next Top Model Cycle 14.
Love her feautres- amazing!


Good Move

Camden Market: a shrine for goths, punks - and lots of tourists

Having now lived in North, South and Central West London, Ben and I have decided to spice up our lives and have moved to Camden.

Like most cities, London has little demographic niches all over the city. I loved East Dulwich for its village-y feel and how close it was to the arty areas inhabited by all the art students of the Art college; North London was very residential, but quaint and had a boutique feel and St Johns Wood was amazing for its clean, safe and beautifully treelined streets. But all of the above lacked the few things Ive craved since coming here..art, culture.and an amazing vibe.

Though, ideally I would of loved to have lived in east London it just was a tad too far for work for both of us and was quite expensive.. so camden was naturally the next spot! Ignoring the streeets teeming with spanish tourists, step away from the main drag you will find such amazing pockets of local oomph. A surprise around every corner...

I am very much looking forward to the summer and the adventures to be had, here on my doorstep.


Saturday, 11 June 2011

love me some deep throat..

Get your mind out of the gutters you filthy creatures. You should know Im talking about Nars' little side collection currently on the Space NK floor- of a blusher & lipgloss. Though having been around for a while they have been released, enabling you to buy them in a pack. Really sweet, easy colours to wear for summer.

But what grabbed my attention moreso was the amazingness that was the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bolero..
oh honey! Such an amazing texture... and the colour- devine.

May have to look the other way when walking past the store again. Thank god Im moving to Camden in a couple of days- not a store like this in sight! Need to save my pennies for this holiday coming up!


Thursday, 9 June 2011


This songs been on the playlists at work for a bit now- though only officially released a few days ago. A really fun tune..


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Daphne's Window

Love this lady. She entwines fashion and art so well.. and has been doing it for alot longer than Gaga.
Really pretty short film..

love love love love love

Im the kinda gal that loves to wear makeup, but really- if I had my way I would keep it nice and simple most of the time (dont get me wrong, compared to a normal person i probably wear WWAAAYYY to much..hehe) but my biggest problem.. makeup doesnt tend to wear well on my face. Liner always ends up on my chin, lipstick on my forehead, foundation smears everywhere... I could go on and trust me- its true. The other makeup artists I work with think its hilarious. For me- just plain annoying.

So! When I only stupidly discovered MACs Liquid Last liners recently I felt like a big arse lightbulb went off over my head.. these bad boys are waterproof! And I mean.. you can go swimming, rub ur eyes frantically and have watery eye syndrome (like many people I know) and the line wont budge.


So today, after being inspired by some others on counter I wacked Aqualine around my eye in a thin line.. to give my eye a bright pop! without too much product. Really keeping in line of the Pop Classic trends for S/S 11, this subtle way to add colour is also a brilliant concept for those who will be enjoy the sun and surf and hate the thought of reapplying or having liner all down their face. Theres heaps of other colours.. black for your standard liner, a plummy purple for a smokey affect, a navy and a few more.

Im so excited that I can head out for some drinks knowing that, though I may be acting aorse for wear- my makeup wont be and whilst on holidays in Serbia and Croatia in a couple of weeks time- no amount of swimming or sweating will hold me back!


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Summer Sessions

In London, it has been a long, snow filled winter. At times so impossibly hard and at others- absoultely breathtaking. But for all the 'hardship' we have endured over Winter, we who live here have been rewarded with the hottest Spring in 350years...

The weather has been superbly on show and treating us to rediculously long days, singing birds and at times, a sweat! So now that summer is upon us I look forward to having fun at festivals, Sunday afternoons spent trolling through markets and nights sitting on decks enjoying a cider.

Music is the most perfect accompaniment to such fine things and long have I loved blasting music into my ears as I coast around it cars and sit outside in heat. Having recently been to a number of gigs and shows I have been draining Spotify of all its minutes to update my senses and fill my need for pretty tunes.

Currently on my playlist:

Radiohead 'The King of Limbs'
Sigur Ros
Arcade Fire
The xx
Sade 'The Ultimate Collection'
Boy & Bear
The Black Keys
Aloe Blacc
The Staves
Angus & Julia Stone 'Down the Way'
Noah and the Whale
Lykke Li
Miami Horror
Jeff Buckley (always need him and some other staples in my life!)

and look...I could actually go forever and always have new songs popping up- but these guys are always hanging around!

In terms of makeup, people always come to me asking for makeup that will stay put and not run around. Tips for gettin you through this festival season and through the heat..

- Always have a powder in your bag to take away excess shine
- Wear water based foundation.. when its water based, its water resistant so wont budge! Try teaming MACs Face & Body with Select cover concealer for a light, heat proof cover.
- Keep products on the face minimal.. a pop of colour on the lips, a highlight on the cheeks and eyes and mascara... easy!

Products currently loving..

MACs Surf Baby Collection:
- Ocean Dip nail varnish (deep aqua green)
- Amazing Careblend Bronzers (sit nice and close to the skin..dont look muddy!)
- Hibiscus lippy (corally orange..deeper than most!)
- Surf USA & Saffrom eyeshadows

Surf USA eyeshadow

MACs Flight Collection:
- Purple & Blue mascara.. loving a pop of colour on the eyes in a really subtle way!
- Trophy Big Bounce gel shadow.. amazing on eyes and highlight point but make sure you use it with a synthetic brush!

Other brands:

Chanels Mimosa yellow nail varnish
YSLs amazing summer lipsticks.. great bright colours!
Bumble & Bumble hair prods.. a new addition to my hair system. So far- amazing! Im using the Quench Shampoo, Mend Conditioner and Deeep Treatment. A big help to getting my over bleached locks..

Enjoy x