Sunday, 23 October 2011

Makeup Inspiration for the Week!





Edward Scissorhands- Ice Dance

Up there in my favourites of all of Tim Burton's movies.. its not just the colourful, generic Amercian 1970's neighbourhood or the sorrow and sadness you feel for Edward or even the amazing acting of one of my all time fav's Dianne Wiest but for me, the movie is encapsulated through the music- scored by the incredible Danny Elfman.

The Ice Dance does it for me, but give me an of the tracks and it takes me away to a different world.

The makeup is also incredible... Ve Neill, who Keyed the makeup for this film
did such an amazing job evoking emotion from Depp's face to convey emotion.
She has since worked extensively with Depp in many of his films. She is known for
her amazing work using prosthetics.

Well, its rainy here in Melbourne today... so as I listen to the rain falling outside, this soundtrack
will accompany it perfectly.


Coral Sea Love

It doesnt take much to love Angus Stone and then throw in the beauty and individuality of Isabel
Lucas... Under different circumstances I wouldnt think highly of her ;) as shes stolen my "get out clause" man. But given she has done such amazing charity work across the world in support of her love for the protection of animals and nature.. it makes it so very hard!

This beautiful couple have in recent months become the spokespeople for 'Coral Sea Love'.. a petition to encourage all to get the government to increase the percentage of our ocean that is under protection.. at the moment its a teeney 1%, and given the rate of our fishing and polluting- it needs to be a much bigger percentage, to stop the fast rate in which our plant life and species are dying.

Jump on to to sign up. One little signature and a bit of support, supports the world in which we live.


Sunday, 16 October 2011

Morrocan Hair Oil


I like to dye my hair. So what? But in this overly expensive addiction I have destroyed my hair. What should be down to my ankles, my hair is always restricted to shoulders blade length due to pressure from my hairdresser to chop of the dead bits. Gggrrrr!!!

But when I arrived at her salon, falling at her feet with my hair in tatters (whilst travelling, it did not leave the safety of its bun, hiding from most certain critism).. she set to work her magic. But towards the end, when we arrived at the all important "whats the best shampoo/conditoner system for me?" chat.. she excitedly popped the Morroccan Oil in my hands.

Running 4 pumps of the amber liquid through my damp hair and then another 1 pump post blowdry (to add a glossy effect).. the difference was amazing! I most certainly did buy it (ssshh dont tell my boyfriend).. and have loved it every wash since.

A really worthy investment for dry, dull hair.. I was even given the tip that for when I want to re-buy it- strawberrynet have it for sale online for a whole lot cheaper. IM SOLD!


Oh my happy stars!

WOW. Ive been home for a week. WOW.

Im not sure if its the clean air, peoples smiling faces, chirping birds, open sky, easy living, family, excessive laughing and friends... but Im so happy to be home.


Dont get me wrong, as soon as I left London I missed it. The lovely girls I worked with and all that is the culture and dynamic of London... but its refreshing to be surrounded with comforts and clean living. Oh and plus- I got a job within 4 days at MAC Bourke St; Australia's biggest MAC! Starting tomorrow Im excited to get back in to the makeup.. 6 weeks away from it has me impatient and lonely without it!

I was sad to have missed the S/S 12 Shows whilst I was travelling through Western Europe, but hey.. thats how sad I am. Ha! So..give me some time to do my research and compile a lists of loves and lusts..
Being nosey I have seen a continuation of many previous trends, so expect to see your contrasting textures.. matte vs shiney, sleek vs rough, clean vs dirty, block colours vs shades.

I am still loving the use of colour through hair, and having gone a bit mad in London and covering my blonde dip-dye in hot pink and purple.. I have chosen to keep it alot cleaner and more nautral back in Oz by stripping my hair back to its natural colour of dark blonde ( fading it down into my existing very blonde dip-dye).. thrown in some highlights and then dipped the very ends in my hair with pastelly-lilac tips. The end result.. natural, flattering on my skin tone and Im feeling good (my fresh Spainish tan may have helped somewhat..hehe)!!!

Looking forward to posting alot more, now that Im back! But please excuse my inconsistency..
my poor little laptop died before leaving the UK and borrowing is my only option for now :(

Well! Its sunny, clear blue skies in Melbourne today and I have some smiling to do :)